our story to date

“Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality.” ~ James Cameron


Luxe Nova is a multi-dimensional consultancy boutique specialising in creating and delivering bespoke wellness enhancement programmes for individuals and corporate.

Our mission is to disrupt the status quo by motivating our clients to take actions and facilitating them with an equal partnership to reach a place where their quality of life and wellbeing is enhanced and sustainable.

The idea of "Luxe Nova" was first conceived on a road trip from London (England) to Bordeaux (France) in 2011.  Our original vision was to share with people our passion for living a good and healthy life with the discerning attitude. We started with the romantic notion that "we are what we eat and do to our own body" and embarked on the journey of sourcing and promoting good quality products. 

We then opened our first lifestyle studio in Central, Hong Kong in 2014. We spent the following 4 years to explore and experiment in various areas of the wellness industry, ranging from distributing natural and organic products to providing wellness programmes and services (like yoga, tai chi, meditation and energy healing).  In 2018, we decided to close the lifestyle studio.

We have gained many invaluable insights, experiences and relationships.  If we were to name just one most valuable lesson learnt from these 4 years, it would be that we have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for our own value system, strength, vulnerability and resilience.

With this clarity, it reinforces our confidence in creating and delivering the personalised programmes for our clients. It is extremely satisfying to watch how our clients have transformed and shifted to a better place as a result. It is like a drug to us - and an addiction that we simply want to have more. 

Although we are without a fixed location for a while, we like the idea of being mobile and flexible as we can bring our services to you - and practically, anywhere in the world. Did we mention that we are a curious bunch and love travelling and adventures? 

Broadly speaking, our services are divided into the following categories:

To engage us, you just need to email us to Info@LuxeNova.Co.  We will call and meet you to understand what you are looking for and curate the experiential learning journey with you.