Magnesium Body Butter & Body Lotion

Magnesium Body Butter & Body Lotion

Scientifically proven to improve skin health
A powerful and essential mineral, magnesium is key in helping and replenish skin cells as well as improving general elasticity and overall glowing skin.

Magnesium Body Butter:

  • Contains 15% Better You Magnesium Oil
  • Luxurious and decadent formulation and perfect blend of skin-kind ingredient
  • Ideal for targeting key problem areas to leave your skin feeling beautifully supple
  • Rich luxuriant feel
  • High moisturisation

Magnesium Body Lotion:

  • Contains 30% Better You Magnesium Oil
  • Lighter daily formula ideal for all-over application
  • Formulated to maintain moisture, hydrate skin and to promote the most healthy skin glow
  • Developed for daily usage
  • High magnesium content
  • Natural coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E