Luxe Nova 1st Anniversary Celebration Party

We are 1-year old this July!

Looking back, we have come a long way. There were a few moments when we fell flat on our face.  And for the rest, our journey was filled with an abundant of love, laughter, joy, fun and adventures.  

1 year on, we sell and distribute more than just organic teas.  On our product menu, we have brought to Hong Kong many more healthy natural and organic products like the magical energy booster Magnesium oil spray from BetterYou and parabens-free skincare products for new mums from Natural Birthing Company.

When we realise that everyone immediately falls in love with cozy, calming and comfortable ambience in our studio, we start to collaborate with like-minded people and transform our studio into a co-creative workspace.  As a result, we have co-created some amazing projects and met even more creative people.  

We are blessed with our dedicated team, dear friends, family and clients who have believed (and still do) in us and supported us throughout the whole journey.  

We live our passion through our motto - *WE LOVE * WE CARE * WE SHARE*.

Please come and join us for our first-anniversary celebration on Saturday, 11 July 2015.

On the day, aside crazy sales** (one-day only), our partners will be here to spread the love.

**scroll down to see more information!

What's the deal with "crazy sales" about?

Throughout this July, for every purchase made at our Online Shop, you can enjoy 30% off with our promotional code: julysale.  

On 11 July, when you come to our Lifestyle Studio, you will be able to enjoy two special promotions: (a) up 40% off for certain products (while the stock lasts); and (b) "Buy 2 Get 1^ Free".

[Note: ^Subject to the terms and conditions.] 

Luxe Nova

Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio, 9F, V Plus, 68 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong