Foxy Mummy's Diary - Cool-it-Mama


It’s the height of summer in Hong Kong - 32 degrees, the sun is shining, the sand is between my toes, the ocean is sparkling… oh, and did I also mention that I feel like a beached whale with my giant belly, sweating in what actually feels like a breeze-less 40 degrees, I’m chasing after 2 toddlers and feeling sticky, hot and bothered.

I was saving my “Cool-it-Mama” for the delivery of baby – and boy, was I glad that I had the foresight to bring it along to the beach to test it out? Oh, yeh, you bet.    

So, here we go. First, the smell test – I get super sensitive to strong smells during my pregnancy, so I tend not to use anything which is too ‘perfumey’. The spray was light and lovely – I could smell bergamot, grapefruit and orange. It reminds me a bit like walking into Shanghai Tang (which makes me want to curl up and fall asleep in the corner wrapped up in cool Shanghai Tang silk!). I wonder if they will start making other fragrances too. I hope so, as every pregnant woman is different and one-smell doesn’t suit all – it would be nice to have a choice.

I sprayed it on my skin and ohhhhh did that feel good! The slight menthol on the spray felt cool and refreshing – I tried it on my neck, chest and even some on my tummy. Interestingly, the smell on my skin didn’t linger at all, after about 2 minutes, the fragrance was gone, so I was not left smelling like I’d just used some body spray or perfume.

Since my episode on the beach, I’ve used the spray on my tired, swollen legs and at the end of a long work day. I’ve also discovered that keeping the spray in the fridge adds an even better cooling effect, especially if you’re having a summer baby like me.

I wouldn’t say that this spray is a ‘must have while you’re pregnant’ product, but it is such a nice luxury to have something which I can just splurge on, for no other reason than, “I’m pregnant, so I’m going to pamper myself a bit”!   I will be including this spray in my hospital bag to bring into the delivery room – I’m hoping it will keep me cool during labour!

August 2014, Hong Kong

Post-script:  In the delivery room, I was busy focusing on breathing, staying calm and having a good birthing experience. A useful tip for those husbands or partners who feel at a loss on how to help and share in the experience – I asked mine to spray some Cool-it-Mama onto a damp facecloth and put it around the back of my neck. While it didn’t take away any labour pains, it was a welcome distraction from the pain!