Foxy Mummy's Diary - "Down Below"

“Down Below” – a key step for easier natural birthing

Perineal Massage Oil?! For any first-time pregnant ladies, this product may sound a bit scary. Although I’ve never had any tearing in any of my 3 births, I’m confident that perineal massage during pregnancy and labour is one of the key reasons for this. I was surprised to see a specific product for perineal massage and was keen to give it a try. This oil can be used from 34 weeks onwards. Given that it is used on our very delicate, sensitive bits, reading the ingredients was super important to me. It is all 100% natural vegetable oils, including Rosehip which helps promote tissue healing and regrowth.

Your perineum is a muscle and like all muscles, needs some stretching to prepare for the race across to the finish line. You can ‘google’ how to do perineal massage (yes, there is some ‘technique’!) and amuse yourself at some of the articles. It may seem like a lot of interference with ‘down there’, but Ladies, the main event takes place ‘down there’ and in my view it’s important to understand what happens during labour and how you can prepare your bodies for this miraculous experience.

The massage oil itself is light and not too oily, the fragrance is not strong and absorbs nicely without leaving any oily residue.

My hubby was delighted when I asked him to help me ‘research’ and ‘test out’ this new product – it was fun getting him involved and if anything, it can help create a few sparks in the bedroom!

September 2014, Hong Kong