Kundalini - the Yoga of Awareness

“The first step toward change is awareness.

The second step is acceptance.” ~ Nathaniel Branden

The other day, a friend of mine asked me what I love the most about Kundalini Yoga. Having practiced yoga for the last eleven years, my love and passion for yoga continue to grow. So, I wanted to tell her what makes this particular style different. 

Instantaneously, these words came up:

Empowerment – radiance – presence – breath – surrender - letting go – meditation – chanting - feel good…and so on. 

As I reflect further, it is clear that I could sum up all these benefits in one single word: AWARENESS. 

Over the time, I have become more aware of my body and my surrounding. I am more mindful, whether “on” or “off” the mat. My newfound self-awareness continues even after the class is done. I usually feel the effects for a long time and each time, I can delve little deeper than before. 

These effects are amazing:

  • my stress level is lowered;
  • I sleep better;
  • I am more patient;
  • I smile more;
  • I have less cravings; and
  • my mind became less busy.

Little by little, I am living a better life with a clearer sense of who I am. The transformations that I saw in myself have happened from the inside out and quite rapidly. It is a living and on-going transformation for the better.

I am so grateful for having found yoga (especially, Kundalini yoga). As a yoga teacher, it is my love and passion to share the practice and transmit the benefits to students, giving them the tools to empower themselves.

As Yogi Bhajan (who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the West) used to say often - “Doing is Believing”. One cannot fathom yoga through words – just like you have to smell a fragrance in order to appreciate the scent and the perfumer’s craftsmanship - you need to practice and experience yoga for yourself. 

Intrigued and wanting to know more? 

Allow your curiosity be your guide and come join me for a session of Kundalini Yoga or the other related activities.

Namaste, Virginie