The stories behind the brand - LES JARDINS DE GAÏA

We are in love with the organic teas from Les Jardins de Gaïa - it was the love at the first taste. The more we learn about their stories, the more we see their values. For them to allow us to represent their brand in Hong Kong makes us extremely proud. 

Born in Alsace, France, Les Jardins de Gaïa started in the kitchen of Arlette Rohmer in 1994. It was created with one aim in mind - to help world discover the highest standard tea.  Les Jardins de Gaïa is passionate about building strong relationships with their partners and tea farmers - working with them to develop world class tea without sacrificing their ethics and values.

Tea is a aphrodisiac for the brain and helps stimulate your mind and soul.  It is a bridge that brings people together.  20 years on, Les Jardins de Gaïa has touched many people's life and beyond.  

This video tells their stories and the love and passion behind them.  Enjoy.