Life is a ship - the Confession of a Diving Junkie!

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“Life is a ship,

seize it”

said a Judge of Hong Kong Admiralty Court.


Water sports are one of the crown jewels of Hong Kong living, especially, in the heaty summer time. While most people stay above water, I love going underwater to scuba dive – whether for fun or for training.

For non-divers, I would articulate my passion (or chronic addiction) for being underwater this way - when I am underwater,

  • my mind is focus and yet relaxed;
  • my body is weightless;
  • I breath consciously to maintain the neutral buoyancy;
  • my curiosity goes wild;
  • I see an entirely different world;
  • when I surface, my perspective has changed;
  • I feel whole again; and
  • I appreciate being in the present moment even more.

When I first picked up scuba diving, I instantly became (and still am) addicted to the sensations of neutral buoyancy. I love it because my physical body is working in harmony with the forces of nature - gravity and water drag - through my breathing and finning. Once I am present, I am enjoying the underwater environment.

I love being in the state of calm, especially when my surrounding environment is chaotic. Throughout my legal and banking profession, it has always been my “secret” personal goal – striving to stay calm and dispassionate in the midst of challenges and to overcome these with grace and elegance.

My passion for scuba diving has become the support system for my career and personal development - in a holistic way. It is where I connect with my spirituality.

Likewise, I was steered away from my corporate job simply because I fell passionately in love with executive coaching and leadership development. I am in this new game with the mission to work with corporate executives to create their own support system to maintain and enhance the quality of life and wellbeing. As they are more in touch with their own human elements, they will become better leaders and make the world better.

Now with my “executive coach” hat on, I invite you to ponder on these:

* What tickles your passion in life?

* What has your passion taught you about yourself?

* What do you do (or can you do) to live that passion in your roles (as an executive, son, daughter, lover, parent etc)?

I would love to hear your thoughts. So please do feel free to get in touch or share your comments.

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About Stephanie Luo

Stephanie is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant. She has over 20 years of commercial experiences as an English-qualified solicitor, through working with the renown international law firms and international banks in London and Hong Kong. 

Throughout her legal and banking career, she has enlisted various approaches as the support system for her wellbeing to deal with highly stressful working environment. These approaches include executive coaching, reiki, yoga and meditation. As a result, she has been living an integrated life where she maintains a balance between her career, family, friends and community.

In 2014, she took the leap of faith and joined Luxe Nova. It is part of her mission to assist her corporate contemporaries to create their own support system to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

She has been incorporating mindfulness practice, mediation and other alternative approaches into her work with senior executives in the international corporate, achieving positive shifts in these clients and their immediate surrounding (including raising the workplace health and staff engagement and performance).