Magnesium - How can it enhance our wellness?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps us develop our growth through our DNA. Magnesium works closely with calcium for muscle contraction and enables the muscle relaxation.  

Around 4 years ago, I was first told about magnesium oiI being used therapeutically. However, back then it was impossible to get such a product in Hong Kong and therefore, I used magnesium tablets in the interim until I discovered a UK company* specialising in Magnesium based products who is well ahead of the market, identifying the benefits therapeutically.  It was then when I first witnessed the power of magnesium oil as transdermal supplement.

As a supplement, magnesium tablets can be taken daily, around two tablets, but depending on the dosage. It is always good to refer to the label - though I have never heard of any human toxicity. It is fine to use with children and pregnant mums - though I would recommend to use this only when approved by a doctor, especially if the levels are known to be low. 

From experience, I have found that the effect of the tablets would take effect within 7-10 days.  My clients who have been taking the tablets have told me that they were sleeping better and generally feeling a huge amount of stress being taken off their body – and more precisely, through their muscular skeletal system. In other words, the muscles became more relaxed and easier to manipulate, little to no cramping and generally feeling more grounded overall. 

As for magnesium oil, from research, I have discovered that it would easily and quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream and soft tissues, thus almost instantly relaxing the tissues. In turns, it would instantly relax the region down.

I then found out that it has been used hugely in the tennis field to eliminate cramping. So, I thought why not use it in a massage treatment for such as sporting ailments, over gym-use and for people with a high level of general cramping.  This is how I started incorporating magnesium oil into my clients’ massage treatments.

Application of magnesium oil is dispersed from a spray. It can sometimes cause a tingling sensation within a few minutes. I was informed that this meant or proved that the client has a low magnesium level therefore, a little more could be applied. I still have to prove this to be actually true.

My personal view is that this tingling absorption sensation is likely because some people’s dermal layer is simply more sensitive to this mineral. The tingling is actually caused by the mineral being pulled through the soft tissue (pores of the skin).  At this point, I must mention that as safe as magnesium oil is, it should never be applied to or around open skin or wounds. And obviously, do remember turning the head away when applying to the neck to avoid contact with the eyes. I only apply 2 to 3 sprays at any time and have found this to be sufficient.

As sport massage therapist, I am delighted to welcome transdermal magnesium products to my world - you’ve made my treatments easier and my clients much more relaxed, flexible and happy! 

By Tobias Lee, Director of Bodyworks, Joint Dynamics, Hong Kong

Post-Note: (i) *the UK company mentioned above is BetterYou.  It was Tobias who first introduced and applied the magnesium oil spray from BetterYou to our Chief of Creativity in one of her massage therapy sessions.  For more information, please take a look at "BetterYou transdermal magnesium product range".  (ii) You can find the transdermal magnesium products at Joint Dynamics. 

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Tobias Lee (Director of Bodyworks, Joint Dynamics, Hong Kong) came to Hong Kong in 2007 and soon discovered a fast growing sporting scene, coupled with a different kind of injury – office-related issues and symptoms. Seeing the exponential rise in these types of injuries and a noticeable lack support in the injury & maintenance field, this has become one of his key areas of focus. His treatments are performed with a combination of oil and/or dry massage, trigger point therapy and stretching. He treats injuries, works with you towards injury prevention and general body maintenance and knows that his results are based on a unique understanding human anatomy, and tailoring each treatment, to each person.