Mindfulness - a key to Leadership Development


Mindfulness is "being present". It is the process of what is happening within us and around us moment by moment.  In essence, it is a "Mind Management" process - centering ourselves, allowing our mind to filter out the clutters and becoming more focus.

This is a leadership skill that must be mastered over time. You may wonder how would you know that you have mastered such fine art. One obvious telltale is to find that people follow you as a leader because of who you are and what you represent. It is a powerful position to be in - and such wisdom has already been told by Lao Zhi over 5000+ years ago: 

To know the others is intelligence;
To know yourself is true wisdom;
To master the others is strength;
To master yourself is true power.

The concept of “emotional intelligence” was first introduced and articulated towards the end of 20th century. EQ became the buzz word for talent and leadership development.  However, in 21st century, EQ is just the entry level of leadership development. We are now looking further into the individual leader’s “cultural intelligence” and “spiritual intelligence”. Ultimately, the world starts with “I” and “my perceptions” and then “how I relate to the others”.  In the end, it becomes “One” and the “Oneness”.  

In the corporate world, the “Oneness” is all about the team – my team, your team and our team etc.  In other words, it is a simple math – that when each team member knows himself or herself well and able to master himself or herself, you have a powerful and high performing team.

Mindfulness is a useful tool and good starting point for you to get to know yourself and to master yourself.  As you make it a part of your life journey, you will begin to identify and embrace each present moment of enjoyment (whether you are in a crowd or alone).

Another simple mathematic formula – when you are enjoying every present moment, you are creating and fulfilling a life journey that is filled with content, gratitude and happiness.

About the Author

Stephanie Luo (aka Chief of Creativity of Luxe Nova) is an executive coach, accredited by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.  She is specialised in (i) consultation and communication; (ii) crisis management; (ii) senior executive job transitions; (iv) executive leadership and talent development; and (v) team coaching.

Stephanie has the presence and energy to create a trusting environment for her clients to explore their own strength and leadership styles.  Her working style is personable, focus and effective. She works with her clients to navigate through the complex business environment and to drive performance and achieve fantastic results. In working with her clients, she applies the appropriate tools, approaches and principles to inspire and empower them with their own strength and vision and to achieve goals. 

Stephanie’s first profession is an English-qualified solicitor, trained by and has worked with the renown international law firms based in the City of London as a banking and finance specialist.  In this era, she had the exposure to a broad range of industries, including shipping, aviation, transportation, financial institutions, oil & gas and insurances.  In 2006, she was relocated from London to Hong Kong with an international bank and held a number of senior roles.  Her particular specialty was dealing with the bank’s own distressed assets and proprietary investments in special situation assets.

If you are intrigued and curious about what Mindfulness is or does to you, you have taken the first step. At Luxe Nova, we host regular sessions of mindfulness and mediation. To show people how easily these practices can be integrated into your daily routine, our mindfulness and meditation sessions contain other elements like tea tasting or sound bath.  For more information, please check out the events shown below.

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