Own and honour the integrity of our body!


When we strike the balance and create the clear mind-body-spirit connection, we are in the state of bliss and happiness. To reach this state, we have to start addressing the mind by setting our mindset in the positive, creative and uplifting state. Then, our body's own healing ability gets empowered and activated. As our mind becomes more connected with our body, our spirit becomes more open and brighter.

From an energy-begetting chat with Zosha recently, I was awestruck by something she said - "...we should own the integrity of our body..." I love it instantly as if it is the latest 'Top of the Pops'!

This powerful statement has brought back some memories from the time when I first moved to Hong Kong and the discovery of my hyperthyroidism condition at the time - and especially, the journey of taking control of my health.

I recall vividly that for a brief moment alone, standing in the lobby of the hospital whilst waiting for my sister to join me for the second consultation, I felt the extreme void of confusion and vulnerability. I was trying to understand how I got myself into such a state, since I had always been sensible about my diet and lifestyle (like eating healthy, regular yoga practice and swimming etc). I really thought that I had my stress level under control through the "healthy" lifestyle. Clearly, the test report said otherwise!

The next thing that Bri nailed into my head was that hyperthyroidism is not a terminal illness like cancer, but if I failed to get this hormonal imbalance condition under control, I would be serving a life sentence of never-ending medication, treatments and hospital-runs etc. The thought of “life sentence” made me more determined to “exterminate” this condition with all available resources – and the journey began…

In conjunction with the prescriptive medication, I was introduced to a massage therapist. In our first session, she went straight into the heart of the matter - negative emotions that have been neglected and stored in various parts of my body for too long. 

I realized that while focusing on developing my legal profession at a City Law Firm, I did only the superficial bits to look after my body. All of my negative emotions were not processed properly and in that process, my body kept taking them on until it lashed out with hyperthyroidism.

That session of massage therapy was an extremely painful one - and the word "painful" is an understatement, given the amount of screaming and crying that came out of me!  However, she helped me to rewire my mindset. With the guidance of the therapist, I started to apologise to my body for neglecting it and express my gratitude and love to my body. Miraculously, the pain started to disappear – and naturally, I repeated the same mantra whenever she hit the painful spot for the rest of the treatment!

Over the time, I started to learn more about how my body records different kinds of memories. I become more connected with my body - when any discomfort starts to surface, I would sit back and communicate with my body to see whether it is a reflection of my current state of being or something from the past that has started to surface etc.

While I was getting more in touch with my body, I was developing my new career at the bank who brought me to Hong Kong from London. I had good support from my family and friends as well as my colleagues at work in this journey. In just under 2 years, I was cleared from hyperthyroidism and never relapsed since.

Reiki then came to me, and I began a new era of exploring and cultivating my spirituality. This time round with a more balanced mind, healthier body and enhanced spirit, I climbed the corporate ladder with more confidence in expressing my skills and talents. I left the bank with many fond memories and great friendships and started to devote my time to grow Luxe Nova.

So, when Zosha said about owning the integrity of our body, it simply resonates with my belief and practice. In fact, I feel empowered when I own and honour the integrity of my body. For one, everyday I thank my body for being my best buddy and for taking care of me.

There are so many things that you can do to own the integrity of your body. Here are some simple practices:

1. Get plenty of good quality sleep. It is not just about getting enough rest, but also allowing our mind to work optimally. Here are 5 TED Talks to inspire you to sleep more.

2. Regular meditation and/or mindfulness practice. It is about training your brain to be more focus and relaxed at the same time. When you hit this zone, your creativity is infinite. It is also a good time for you to listen deeply – to your thoughts, your body, your environment, other sounds, emotions, ideas etc.

3. Good eating habit – healthy and high quality food and drinks. You are what you eat! Do think twice before you put some junk into your mouth. However, it is ok to have junk food occasionally – just as a treat and to shock your body a bit, so that it can appropriate the good stuff even more.

4. Active body, active mind. Being active is simple – for instance, instead of getting someone to make you that cup of tea, make it yourself! You’ll never know what amazing idea would come to you while you wait for the kettle to boil! In any event, just pick the form of activity that makes you move about and stimulates the energy circulation inside your body.

5. Express your gratitude freely. The energy vibration for gratitude is the same as appreciation and love. Saying “thank you” from your heart is the simplest way to spread this positive energy around.

6. Making time to show up. “I am so busy…” is a phrase that has been said too often to substantiate any positive meaning, but a feeble excuse. Time is a man-made concept. When you master the skill of making time for yourself to show up, you will find that even when you are inundated, time will make itself available for you.

This list can go on and on. If you are already doing one or more of these, you are on the right path and keep up with the good work. Leaving you with a thought to ponder on…how would you complete the sentence below:

Today I own and honour the integrity of my body by _________________________________.

About the Author

Stephanie Luo is the Chief of Creativity of Luxe Nova. It is her mission to empower people to live in a healthy and balance lifestyle and to fulfil their potential and life purpose. She expresses her passion for life through various talents that she has mastered over the time, including executive coaching and Reiki.

As an organisational coach (accredited by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership), she is specialised in consultation and communication; crisis management; senior executive job transitions; executive leadership and talent development; and team coaching.

Whilst Stephanie was in the fast-moving international corporate, she was introduced to Reiki and has been practicing it since 2009. In 2011, she completed her Reiki Master Teacher training with Pervin Clasper of Shakti Healing Circle.  As Reiki energy vibration is protective and nourishing, it has supported her throughout her time in the corporate arena.  And later, she was guided to create Luxe Nova with support of like-minded friends.

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