Mindful Birthing with Peggy Chiu. Why we think you should join!

Photo credit to Melanie Aldridge Photography

Photo credit to Melanie Aldridge Photography

Why Luxe Nova and Mindful Birthing?

“Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio is a happy place with great flow of positive energy.”  Those who have been to Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio can definitely relate to this statement and vouch for it. 

It is very special that we often have yoga teachers asking if they can teach yoga at our studio, even though we have no proper changing facility.  When we have the practitioners (of various alternative and holistic healing background) visiting us, they all enjoy and love the vibe inside the studio.  Indeed, the happy vibe of our studio is very inviting.

With this set up, it just feels right to collaborate with Peggy Chiu and offer Mindful Birthing workshop. 

Although I have not yet experienced the pregnancy and motherhood, I have had the opportunity to experience Peggy’s healing gift through her voice.

One day, we were meeting up to discuss about some collaboration ideas.  But I showed up with an irritating sore throat.  As soon as I mentioned the sore throat, Peggy immediately took me to her office, sat me right opposite to her and started to scan my condition using Yuen Method.  She started to guide me to focus on the point where the irritation was.  She then worked with me to examine and identify the root causes for the layers to accumulate.  In the space of 10 minutes or less, I was feeling the pain level shifted from high to low. We tried to eliminate the ache completely before we could move on to our original meeting agenda.  There was a reason why it didn’t happen straight away.

As a Reiki Master, I knew that this was not an infection and instead, it was my body reacting and breaking-out to certain incidents that took place then and had affected me deeply.  It was so deep that the self-healing process was not enough.  However, with Peggy’s assistance, I was able to focus my energy at the right direction.  I continued working on the detoxification around my throat for a couple of more days afterwards.  When the soreness went away, I had my power of communication and creativity rejuvenated.

So, in short, Peggy can heal people with her voice. 


Giving birth is one of the most important, joyful and yet daunting experiences in life.  Until the umbilical cord is severed, the mum and baby continue to be physically attached.  With that connection, the baby receives and registers everything from the mum, including her emotions – positive and negative ones.

Having personally benefited from Peggy’s passion and knowing her special interest and commitment in working with mothers, it is so easy to visualise what it would be like when she works with pregnant mums to prepare for the birthing experience, including engaging mind-body connection in labour and how to remove fear in order to have an undisturbed physiological birth. It is important to bear in mind that at the same time, the baby receives and registers the same positive energy.

It is Luxe Nova’s mission to spread the positive and happy energy.  Naturally, we believe deeply that this is one of the avenues for us to achieve this mission and for many people to benefit from it.  


Here are some testimonials from Peggy’s clients:


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