Rays of Light - A Musical Encounter of Harmony, Health and Happiness


Rays of Light

A musical encounter of harmony, healthy and Happiness


The brainchild of premier Russian contemporary vocalist - Yana Fortep, “Rays of Light” is a truly unique musical and metaphysical experience of love and passion in which three essential sonic elements: singing bowls, acoustic guitar and voice come together to create an extraordinary spiritual aura through the medium of music.

This unusual combination of instruments and artists’ voices forms a palette of sound colours that soothes the soul and refreshes the spirit. The wide spectrum of harmonics and the interplay between tonal textures enhances a sense of inner calm and peace arousing positive emotions in the listener.

“Rays of Light” comprises the trio of:

Yana Fortep, a sensual singer, who utilises a wide array of musical styles as well as creative impulses to emanate vibrations of love, harmony and well-being.

Dan LaVelle, a multi-talented, artful guitarist, who contributes the unique musical language of jazz, world music rhythms and a rich vocal sensibility to createc the ideal sonic cornerstone for Rays of Light.

Stephanie Luo is a reiki master as well an expert at the unusual art of creating sound and texture from crystal singing bowls. She nurtures the essential textures of musical and aural ambience vibrating from her singing bowls to create a wondrous harmonic experience of peace and calm for audiences.

Together these three musical artisans create a musical and spiritual performance found nowhere else.

Behind the Scene


More About the Artists

Yana Fortep

is a highly accomplished and award-winning musician from Russia. For many years she has toured and performed across the globe, sharing her musical talents and creativity while capturing the hearts of her many fans who are passionately dedicated to her music.

Yana's vocal styling and harmonic sense work in tandem to soothe busy minds and tired bodies, helping to expel listeners' toxins while rejuvenating the body and soul.

In defining the true musical path she has arrived at today, Yana has evolved through different musical genres from pop and contemporary,    where she felt at ease and carefree, all the way to jazz and free form styles with their complete denial of all established musical functionalities, finding truth wherever it exists. Along her journey of self discovery, she moved to Hong Kong and continues to dedicate herself to the practice of Kundalini yoga training as well as honing her Reiki skills and working toward deeper inner discovery. Her mission is to serve humanity.

For her project- “Rays of Light” she has written and composed many original songs with simple lyrics that have deep meaning about humanity and peace.

Dan LaVelle

was born to express his musical gifts and creativity.  Sitting with Dan while he plays it's as if his guitar is taking you through space and time. One minute you're surrounded by 1960s funk and soul, the next minute he takes you to Brazil with a beautiful bossa nova. Then he envelopes you with heart-warming jazz and before you realise it he has transformed you to 1970s R&B. It is a truly mesmerising experience.

Since the 60s, Dan has worked with many acclaimed artists. More recently he has teamed up for live shows and tours with exciting jazz vocalists like Ju Ju Gordon (Dexter Gordon’s niece), Academy-award winning actor Kevin Spacey and Montreux Jazz Festival Vocal Competition Finalist - Talie Monin from South Africa and many others. He has written and arranged music for Disney and Pixar.

In 1987, he arrived in Hong Kong and was one of the first wave of Western musicians helping to build an international music scene in the territory.

Stephanie Luo

is a Reiki Master Teacher and has discovered the magic of singing bowls in her journey of exploring and understanding energy healing, sound healing and other modalities.

With the sound vibrations from the singing bowls, Stephanie connects with the audience intuitively and leads them into the state of deep relaxation. When the session is completed, the audience find themselves feeling truly relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Rays of Light project is a unique opportunity for Stephanie to present the sounds of her singing bowls in a contemporary musical setting.

Stephanie is also the chief of creativity at Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio whose mission is to empower people to create a sustainable support system to enhance their quality of life and well-being.