Sound Healing with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

How often do we get entranced by a piece of music that are resonating with our hearts and stirring up all sorts of emotions, memories and imaginations? Have you noticed how certain sounds resonate in ways that heal and create feelings of wellbeing and harmony?

Sound healing is a form of vibrational healing which works on the energy system of the body in ways similar to homoeopathy, crystal healing, reiki and Bach flower remedies (just to name a few).

My first experience of sound healing took place when I was carrying my baby no.2.  At the time, I loved listening to CDs of the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and the mantras. I found that they were keeping me grounded and gave me a clear mind to connect with my growing bump.

Meanwhile, I had a chance to attend a crystal singing bowls workshop with Martina Lee. It was a moving experience to enjoy the sound vibrations live – and it was so powerful as I could immediately feel how the vibrations were flowing through my body (physically and energetically). It totally brought me to the state of being present, a profound experience that is beyond words.  

Article: Martina Lee and Her Journey with Crystal Singing Bowls

In 2014, my husband gave me a set of 12 quartz crystal bowls as my birthday present. He was inspired by hearing the sound of crystal bowls once at the end of a yoga class. He thought of me and how I can incorporate the bowls into my yoga practice and teaching. My journey with this set of quartz crystal bowls has thus began.

Crystals are alive as being active elements energetically! The more I play, the more I connect with them. I have also realised that my set of bowls are also related to 12 chakras of our body.

Each crystal bowl is digitally attuned to the diatonic musical scale – C, D, E, F, G, A, B which resonates with the chakra system – base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. The bigger bowl has deeper sound. The effect is more grounding and, therefore, it resonates with the physical aspects. The smaller bowl has higher sound pitch. The vibration helps to stimulate the higher chakra system and resonates with the spiritual development.

When I play for a group, they will guide me to focus on what the group needs. Commonly, my clients often find themselves going deeper into the relaxation as well as feeling the peace and expansion of the heart. Some of them may experience vivid dreams. Some use the session to release toxins (emotional and physical) from their bodies.  In effect, these sensations are simply guiding us to be with our true self and to gain a deeper understanding about who we are.

One may still question as to how does sound heal people.

Knowledge of healing with sound comes to us through sacred and mystical texts and healing traditions from diverse societies and cultures around the world. Today, as we continue honouring the ancient wisdom, we combine it with the exploration of the new technology to demonstrate that sound vibration is a powerful tool for transformation, especially when being used by therapists and practitioners.

The quartz crystal bowls like mine are the creation of the marriage between the ancient mysticism and modern science. These beautiful bowls are played in a similar way as with the Tibetan singing bowls. They all emit the most amazing healing vibrations.

The effect upon the body and consciousness of the individual is tremendous as we resonate strongly with the quartz energy. The electromagnetic aspect of the quartz emanations precipitates strong responses within the crystalline structures and patterns of the human body.

One can say that the crystal bowl is both a symbol and a tool of the alchemical process, bridging the ancient wisdom with the new high technology like from the past to the future.

As we raise our awareness of and connection with the sensors in our body, we begin to decipher information and communicate more through our whole-body sensory system, instead of solely through our brain. As a result, we become more empathetic and compassionate – and simply be in the present moment.

I invite you to join my regular New Moon and Full Moon Quartz Crystal Bowls Sound Bath at Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio.

Namaste, Heidy Ho Renard


About Heidy Renard

Heidy is a mother of two beautiful daughters; a yoga teacher; a reiki practitioner; and a crystal singing bowls healer.

She first discovered yoga in 2003. Since then it has been accompanying her throughout all the joyful or difficult moments in life.

Spiritual name, Shivani, was given when she was studying at Sivananda Ashram, Canada in 2006. She has since then embarked on the new journey of embodying Yoga into her life as a way of being. In this journey, she has encountered numerous teachers and masters. Each has guided her further along this journey and to deepen her awareness of life.

Through her work as yoga teacher and healer, she connects with people at a subtle and yet profound level. It gives her a great joy to see people finding the light in their heart and letting it shine.