TEA OF THE DAY - 50 Shades of Earl Grey

Legend has it that Earl Grey was an “accidental” blend of tea - it happened in 19th century when a case of black teas and bergamot oranges were shipped together and during the transit through the sea, the fragrance of bergamot oranges was absorbed by the tea.  There are many other versions of how Earl Grey came about.  

In 21st century, it is the well known fact that Earl Grey is a blend of black tea flavoured with the oil from rind of bergamot orange.

At Les Jardins de Gaia, the Finest Earl Grey is a blend of a soft and subtle Darjeeling tea with fine bergamot essential oil. This blend is undeniably flavoursome with a kick of spicy impression to the nose and yet delicate citrusy taste on the palate. 

In addition, we have the green tea version - Earl Grey Vert (Earl Green). This blend is a satisfying aromatic brew - green tea and bergamot complement each other naturally.  The refreshing taste is enhanced with the lemon peels.  This tea can be drunk hot or cold.

Bergamot essential oil is antidepressant in nature.  They create a feeling of freshness, joy and energy.  It is also a stimuli for hormonal secretions and in turns, help to maintain metabolic rates and support digestion.

Tasting Tips  (2g per 250ml cup) - Earl Green

  • 🌙/☀️ : During the day

  • ℃ : 75°C

  • ⏳: 3 mins

  • 🍵 : 1

Tasting Tips  (2g per 250ml cup) - Earl Grey

  • 🌙/☀️ : During the day
  • ℃ : 90°C
  • ⏳: 3 mins
  • 🍵 : 2