TEA OF THE DAY - Greedily Kissing the Spring

I love the early morning and evenings in Spring - a little chill and yet warm enough; the air is fresh and moist (especially, when you are in the suburb).  It is a time for love and new beginning. 

For those who take great pleasure in their tea, like me, you will definitely enjoy a cup (or so) of Baiser Gourmand - Greedy Kiss - as a way to uplift your creativity.  

If you are in the mood for more indulgence, this blend of tea is a perfect company for a piece of high quality dark chocolate, a death by chocolate cake or even the good-old-fashion Jaffa cake.

Tasting Tips  (2g per 250ml cup)

  • 🌙/☀️ : During the day
  • ℃ : 90°C
  • ⏳: 3-4 mins

  • 🍵 : 1