That Magical Touch - Facial Reflex Therapy with Mariko Hiyama

Facial Reflex Therapy with Mariko Hiyama

When Mariko first told me about facial reflex therapy, I was intrigued.  I have heard of foot reflexology and, therefore, deduced that it is of the same or similar school of practice and the difference is the subject organ – i.e. the therapist would be working on my face, instead of my feet.

For years, I have learnt from various practitioners about how face is connected to our body and mind and how to read a person’s health from his/her face.  Naturally, this has got my curiosity going.

So when Mariko came over last week, we decided on an impulse to see if we can set up the therapy room here. Once it is set up, we were immediately mesmerised by the calm energy and cosy atmosphere in the room.  And the next impulse kicked in - I just blurted out, saying that I am ready for a session of massage now!

And in response to my excitement, Mariko generously offered me a trial session. 

It was an amazing experience. Mariko worked on my facial muscles with a special focus on hormone balancing.  As she moved her fingers to different areas of my face, my body was getting more and more relaxed.  At the same time, I could feel the warm energy flowing through various parts of my body. 

For someone who has never been a fan of any facial treatments, this session really did away my biases and sceptics.  Like a kid who has just discovered her new toy, I immediately ran up a few girl friends to gloat about my first facial reflex experience.

I am so glad that Mariko loves the energy in our lifestyle studio and will be offering her fabulous treatments here.

Comparing to foot reflexology, I would have facial reflex therapy any day – for one, it is less painful; with the added benefit that my face glows beautifully!

Some Testimonials from Mariko's clients

"I have no words but to thank you, Mariko. I feel there is a circle of calmness in and around me, a kind of energy. I could not walk because I was so relaxed after the treatment and I sat on a bench and enjoyed the after-treatment moment quietly. I also wanted you to know how you have affected one person so positively. I am sure there are lots others like me!" ~ H.K. from Pakistan

"I twisted my ankle a day before and my ankle was swollen with horrible pain. But with one session of Facial Reflex Therapy with Mariko, the pain was reduced and I could even walk smoothly! The swollen ankle became much better with just one session! Amazing! The second session helped me even more!" ~ R.B. from Italy

"I thank you, Mariko.It gave me real sense of the contact to the deep "my-self". And from there - the deep and natural contact to any and everybody around me. The feeling of tenderness, coming from this contact to my-self.  It was a great experience. I am trying to remember it to find it back. To create a kind of "memory" to be aible to come back easily." ~ L.H. from Luxembourg 



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