The Physical Me is Materialised Spirit


“The Physical me is Materialised Spirit.”

This is such a profound and yet inspiring statement. The more I contemplate on the essence of this statement, the more inspiration and wisdom I gain from it.

There is an uprising of people whose purposes and missions in life are ultimately to raise our connection with the beauty of living in higher consciousness.  In pursuing such life purposes, they are drawn and open to an array of modalities to enhance and maintain a healthy mind-body-spirit connection. These modalities include mindfulness, meditation, yoga, kinesiology, reiki, craniosacral work and sound healing, etc.

Sounds very “new age”, doesn’t it? One may even assume that these people are very detached from the materialistic corporate world or even loath the capitalism.  If you firmly believe so, then you are in for a surprise.

It has become prominent for us to meet more of these people in the so-called materialistic corporate world (like investment banks and global corporates etc.) and many of them are holding the senior executive positions. It is a lifestyle choice - whereby we strive to maintain a healthy mind-body-spirit connection. That way, we are able to maintain the work-life balance and to fulfil our potentials at the highest. 

Many of these senior executives are the leaders with high emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ). People who are of high spiritual intelligence radiate integrity, wisdom, compassion, courage, selflessness and inspiration. They are the agents of changes.

In the corporate world, they are likely the ones raising the awareness and introducing different mindset for the better. It is evident that a growing number of corporates are engaging in the community services because it is the right thing to do (instead of a good PR strategy). We are also seeing more and more corporates incorporating the equality and diversity practice, so that they are able to attract and retain talents. 

In the banking and finance world where I came from, I am seeing the trend that the senior leaders (driven by their strong values) are utilising the extensive corporate connection and their own power of influence to create the positive shift – be it in their employees, in the underprivileged community, in the environment etc.  In short, it is erroneous to continue looking at a business as a money-making machine.  Instead, a business is a living entity.

As the Dalai Lama has said in his book “The Leader’s Way”, “the true value of a business is not the sum of its facilities and its employees and its financial resources: The value resides in the relationships between the people within it and with the many stakeholders outside the organisation.”

The corporate world is a grounding environment for us to develop multiple intelligences as well as to cultivate our spirituality.  Naturally, the modalities like meditation, reiki and craniosacral work are becoming popular and regularly subscribed to. These modalities are useful tools for us to access our own resources from within. 

When we establish a firm mind-body-spirit connection, it means that we have a healthy and balanced lifestyle and living in higher consciousness. After all, “the Physical me is Materialised Spirit.”  So, ask yourself this question (or simply ponder on it) - How intelligent and sophisticated is my Materialised Spirit? 

The Leader’s Way, by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Laurens Van Den Muyzenberg.

A good book to read:

The Leader’s Way, by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Laurens Van Den Muyzenberg.

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