Corporate Wellbeing

“The quality of the system is determined by the quality of the relationships which is determined by the quality of the conversations.”  ~ Ralph Stacey

We believe that managing one's own wellbeing is an essential leadership skill and practice. We provide coaching, consultancy and facilitation services to assist our corporate clients to create a mentally healthy workplace and to enhance their corporate wellbeing.

Our working style is to integrate the alternative approaches with the leadership development programmes. These alternative approaches include mindfulness practice, meditation and Tai Chi energetics.

It is evident that when the leaders take charge of their own wellbeing, they become more conscious in creating a safe environment and raising the workplace health for their teams. As a result, they are more efficient in enhancing the level of engagement, productivity and performance in the company. As Richard Branson of Virgin has said, "if the person who works at your company is not appreciated, they are not going to do things with a smile."  

We see it as part of the journey for every leader in mastering the art of authentic leadership. Our services are broadly split into two categories: (i) Authentic Leadership and (ii) In-Company Wellbeing.


Authentic Leadership


In-Company Wellbeing