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Sunday Morning Alchemy Sound Bath with Martina Lee

About this Urban Retreat - Alchemy Sound Bath

We respond to sound and music instantaneously. The vibrations coming from the sound and music penetrate into our physical body and travel through it at the cellular level.  As a result, it triggers our memories, emotions and feelings etc. that are stored inside our body.  

With the right frequency, the healing factor of the sound vibrations can create a positive shift and assist to release the toxins (physiological, mental and emotional) from our body.

For this 2-hour Urban Retreat - Alchemy Sound Bath, Martina will bring with her an array of instruments, including her alchemy crystal singing bowls and harmonium.  With the sound and music from these instruments, she will guide us to connect with the sacred space inside our own body through meditation, chanting and singing.

We will also learn the meanings behind the mantras / prayers from Martina's debut yoga music album - Angelica (scroll down to sample one of the track). This will deepen our connection with the mantra when we hear and chant them.

Human body works in a wonderful way - in that, the mind is most focused when the body feels most relaxed.  It is a beautiful way to set ourselves in the right state of mind, body and spirit on a Sunday morning and be ready for the week ahead.

Here is one of our favourite - Twameva

The CD is available for purchase at Luxe Nova for HKD200 each.