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Baby Shower... The Blessing Way


How is the Blessingway different from the "baby shower"?

Blessing Way - also known as a Mother Blessing - is a ceremony based on ancient Navajo tradition, celebrating a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. Unlike a traditional baby shower, where gifts are purchased for the baby, this gathering is all about nurturing and empowering the mother-to-be and honouring the motherhood.

Until the umbilical cord is severed, the mum and baby continue to be physically attached.  With that connection, the baby receives and registers everything from the mum, including her emotions – positive and negative ones.

The power of this gathering allows the mum-to-be to receive and feel the love, happiness and blessings.  In turns, the baby receives and registers the joyful moments at the same time. It is paving the way for the birthing with bliss, love and joy.

What will you get from the Blessing Way?

It begins with a gathering of the mother-to-be most trusted friends and family, whom she respects, looks up to and values. In the circle of the gathering, you are guided to take part in various activities, including:

  • Pampering and indulging the pregnant mama
  • Creating a love bracelet 
  • Creating a mandala with chosen tools like flower petals
  • Painting the belly
  • Sculpting the belly
  • Singing and dancing
  • Reading poems
  • Sharing birth stories
  • Feasting

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Why the Blessing Way at Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio?

Our facilitators are experienced in working with pregnant mums - from prenatal to postpartum care and support. In delivering the Blessing Way, they create and hold a safe and peaceful space for pregnant mums and their guests with love and passion.

In this journey, they empower the pregnant mum with a new perspective about enlisting her own support system for the birthing experience that they want.

When the mum is ready emotionally and mentally for the passage to the motherhood, it will sooth the baby’s journey into life.

How to receive and enjoy the Blessing Way?

If you are, or know of, a mother-to-be who would welcome such a celebration, all you need to do is choose the date and time and write an invitation list.  

From here, our team will take charge and organise the celebration for you.

or contact us directly at +852 2898 0568 or email