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Holistic Soul Journey with Jennifer Chow

Why Holistic Soul Journey?

Everyone has the power within them to self-heal. Jennifer will walk along side with you on your inner journey.

Depending on your current moment, different journeys are used to connect with the essence of your inner self. These journeys combined with tools such as:

  • Aura Soma
  • Aroma Holistic Therapy
  • Art of Tea
  • Singing Bowls
  • Holistic Coaching
  • Meditation

At the beginning of each session, Jennifer will ask you to express your intention for the session. You will then decide the appropriate journey for the session.

The First Session

Please note that your first session with Jennifer will be made up of 30-min consultation and 30-min holistic soul journey. The 30-min consultation is essential as Jennifer can get a better understanding about your situations and work with you to create the content of the holistic soul journey for the remaining part of the session. 

NOTE: Integrated Wellness Package is a prepaid package of 10x sessions. You may use for other Integrated Wellness services provided in Luxe Nova. To find out more, please contact us at +852 2898 0568 or

Here are some journeys that you can pick.

Chakra Journey

We will travel into a state of deep relaxation and revitalisation in this journey to balance the chakras.

The Chakra System is an ancient map, detailing the 7 primary energy centres. Each Chakra is directly linked to the relevant endocrine glands and organs in our body.

We store all our emotions in our body and chakras. When the negative ones become overloaded, our chakras become unbalanced and the health conditions start to show up (e.g. anxiety, unwanted weight gain or loss, weak lower back, tight shoulders, broken heart and etc.).

To maintain our own state of balance, it is fundamental that we commit to look after our chakra system by keeping them regularly cleansed, unblocked and balanced.

Reconciliation Journey

“If you could perceive yourself when holding a cup of tea, be satisfied with your present self and be grateful for that cup of tea, you can then simply enjoy life in any state of mind.” ~ Anonymous wise man

You have everything you need to live on earth at this moment, what are you still seeking other than what you own? What beliefs and emotions are blinding you from seeing yourself?

Consciously be who you are and empowered self, as perception is projection. This inward journey will help bring you one step closer to the true essence of yourself.

Sound Healing Journey

Our sound healing treatment uses a combination method of Tibetan singing bowls and Ohm Therapeutic™ tuning forks, also known as sonoacupuncture.

The Tibetan singing bowls originate from the Himalayan mountains and are used primarily by shamans during their harmonizing rituals, by monks for their voice training exercises and ritual offers, as well as by the local people who eat and drink out of them.

Ohm Therapeutic™ involves the use of various tuning forks to create a harmonic, sound energy-based, non-invasive, and clinically proven treatment that is similar to acupuncture, but without the use of needles. Tuning forks are applied at selected acupuncture points. Since sound waves travel 4 times faster in water, and human body is composed of approximately 70 percent water, it is therefore a perfect resonator and receptor for sound vibration. When the tuning fork played, the vibrating energy will transmit deeply into the body’s meridians, and stimulate tissues, cellular memory, energy and Qi, in order to promote inner healing and harmony.

Sound healing also treats a wide variety of conditions, but is especially effective for musculoskeletal and psycho-emotional related issues.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is an alternative therapy that focuses on improving one’s general wellbeing by the removal of spiritual and emotional blockages. This transformation method gets to the core issues of unfulfilled relationships, career, and purpose of life, etc. One–on–one sessions with a certified SRT practitioner are conducted either in person or over the phone. As a result, peace of mind and tranquility can be achieved, hence restoring one’s physiological and emotional equilibrium.

Humans are spiritual beings on earth having a physical state, we learn lessons through physical interactions and all events are received and stored in our soul. Experiences from the past, or even past lives, are not just memories but became part of an individual’s program that continuously affect our mental states and physical behaviour.

The process of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) begins by researching into one’s soul record for the root cause of challenges. Any discordant energies (bad experiences or struggles) discovered are cleared from our subconscious and souls throughout different time frames with a set of charts guided by a pendulum, and are replaced with positive energy.

With Spiritual Response Therapy, one is made aware of the thoughts and negative energy that are holding you back from trusting self-achieving goals and to gain a better understand of the self and generate positive mindsets.

About Jennifer Chow

Jennifer’s passion for creativity and living well has steered her on to the path of being an integrated holistic practitioner.

Since turning 18, she has been on the holistic quest to understand the interconnection between humans and beyond. Her curiosity in human cognitions and behaviours has led her to obtain a degree in Educational Psychology. She began to understand that our mind is heavily influenced by our ego. However, she would often ponder: “What is left in me and who am I without emotions and ego?” Questions like this has inspired her to explore further into her inner journey.

Today, she is aware that she is merely a spirit with a physical body that had chosen to exist on Earth to learn different lessons. Emotions and egos are only hints that the soul has given her as if these are signals on the road.

She has been exploring and practicing various alternative and holistic healing modalities and disciplines, including Aura-Soma Colour Care System, Aromatherapy, Spiritual Response Therapy, sound healing, meditation and tea appreciation.

Jennifer works with her clients intuitively and guide them to gain clarity about their own conditions.   Her unique approach in holistic healing is by integrating various disciplines when designing the bespoke and sustainable support system for her clients.