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How to dance with your cyclical nature? - a Feminine Workshop

It is already within you; you just need to listen and cultivate it.

The birth of our female identity starts with the onset of our menstruation. Very few women however in our time have been introduced into the sacredness that comes with "Coming of Age".

To fully embrace our cyclical nature and the creative wisdom of the womb - a woman's most creative organ - we must heal our own story first. One part of the healing happens by sharing our story with other women and by being witnessed. Another part is by hearing and perceiving the wisdom about the menstrual cycle that you may have only heard about it now - and it is never too late to uncover this feminine power.

What will you learn in this workshop?

In this 2-day workshop you will journey through the four different phases of the menstrual cycle which in biological terms we would call:

  • The Follicular, The Ovulatory, The Luteal and the Menstrual Phase.
  • In seasonal terms we refer to them as The Spring, The Summer, The Autumn and the Winter Phase of our cycle.

You will receive information and ideas of how to get back in touch with the wisdom of your cyclical nature and as such, with your inner wise women. By remembering the jewels which your female body beholds you will start honoring your body which will strengthen your trust into your intuition and instinct. All this will lead to your greater empowerment as a woman.


Why should you attend this workshop?

  • Do you feel that there is more to your menstrual cycle then what you’ve been taught?
  • Are you curious to learn about the energy and psychic aspects of the female cycle?
  • Do you want to understand how your cycle is reflected in the cycles of nature?
  • Do you struggle with Premenstrual Symptoms (PMS)?
  • Do you long to reconnect with your womb - the center of feminine wisdom, healing and creativity
  • Do you feel the longing to reconnect with the feminine principles of life?
  • Do you tend to either give too much of yourself or too little?
  • Do you have tendency to be over-active or do you often feel inhibited to act?
  • Do you tend to look for answers outside of yourself instead of within you?
    • Do you have a teenage daughter who is “Coming of Age”?

Getting back in touch with my cyclical nature has been one of the most valuable gifts I have given to myself. Menstruating and as such pregnancy, giving birth and entering menopause behold the embodied wisdom of the divine feminine. There is not much that we need to do except for being willing to remember and open up to the divinity within our female bodies.

Please note that this course is exclusively for women. Due to how the course is designed, you are required to commit to attend full course when you sign up.

This video features Corinne's view about why exploring the female menstrual cycle can be very beneficial and life-changing for women.

Here is a talk by Alisa Vitti, HHC, AADP (Holistic Health Counselor, American Association of Drugless Practitioners) who founded Laughing Sage Wellness, now the FLO Living Center LLC, in Manhattan. From 9'40 mins onwards, her talk starts to get even more interesting, especially about the moon cycle .