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Introduction to Ayurveda - Complimentary Talks

Intrigued by why Ayurveda is the science of life? 

Barberyn Resorts Team will be giving complimentary talks - which will be interactive and with practical demonstrations. Each individual talks will cover one of three topics, Ayurveda Oil Demonstration, Ayurveda and Yoga and Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine


Ayurveda Oil Demonstration

October 7th, 12:45pm

Ayurveda herbal preparations follow ancient formula (recipes) which have been tried and tested for thousands of years with positive results. These preparations use all parts of the plants such as leaves, roots, flowers, stem and bark. Learn how Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts and their Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine catalogue medicinal plants, cultivates herbs and prepare herbal oils. Take the opportunity to touch, smell and feel the herbs and a selection of oils and get an insight into Ayurveda healing.

Ayurveda & Tranditional Chinese Medicine

October 7th, 7:30pm

Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) have different roots but the same holistic approach to healing. See where these two systems converge. Get an idea of the three Doshas of Ayurveda and the Yin and Yang of TCM. Get an insight into the oil therapies of Ayurveda and acupuncture and moxibustion in TCM.  Learn some simple and effective tips from these two ancient systems of medicine that can be incorporated in your daily modern daily life.

Ayurveda & Yoga

October 8th, 6:30pm

Yoga and Ayurveda are complimentary philosophies with common Vedic roots. Yoga is the spiritual science of self development and Ayurveda is the holistic science of health. Learn how these two ancient systems intertwine and how Ayurveda therapies and Yoga practice leads to the healing that comes from within.


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