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Introduction to Parent & Child Mindfulness

Introduction to Parent & Child Mindfulness

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Why do I practice Mindfulness with my child?

Prayer and meditation are the commonly known forms of spiritual practices. Likewise, setting aside time to specifically focus on being with your child, with the intention to strengthen your love for each other, is a spiritual practice for both you and your child.

Children express their thoughts and desires through their behaviours, rather than through articulate verbal communication. If you are calm and yielding, you are able to hear your child with your heart and resolve the issues.

It is challenging to stay calm with your child playing up through crying, fighting or even rebelling. It does take time and practice for each of us to cultivate the deeply relaxed and calm way of being in the first place.

As Vimala McClure has said in “The Tao of Motherhood” ~

You and your child have a unique and very special relationship. The dos and don’ts of all the advice givers out there may or may not apply to you. You have to listen to your heart and to your child and then make the decisions that are good for right now, for you two.

What will I and my child get out of this session?

During the introductory workshop, Heidy Renard and Tanya Wong will share with you some simple tips and tools that you can easily use to cultivate the relaxed and calm way of being and incorporate into your special bonding time with your child.

You and your child/children will experience some mindfulness exercises together. Afterwards, there will be a Q&A session.  While you (the parents) chat further with Heidy and Tanya, our team members will play with your children.

Introduction to Parent & Child Mindfulness Workshop


  1. By nuclear family, we welcome all kinds of nuclear family (whether it is the conventional, single parent or same-sex parents).
  2. We will run this workshop regularly - monthly or bi-monthly. So, if you cannot attend the latest date, please feel free to register your interest with us.
  3. Likewise, when we reach the max. capacity, we will add you to the waitlist.