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La Petite Fête de Thé - The Art of Tea Drinking

La Petite Fête de Thé - The Art of Tea Drinking

Did you know that French started drinking tea at least two decades before English? And taking tea with milk was a French touch – apparently, discovered by a Madame de la Sablière?  So in early 17th century, tea first arrived Europe and instantly became the popular beverage among the aristocrats.

So in 21st century, Luxe Nova did the 360º by bringing the premium quality organic and biodynamic teas from Alsace, France – by Les Jardins de Gaïa.

In celebrating its association and modern identity with Alsace, we are hosting La Petite Fête de Thé in the evening of Thursday, 26 May 2016.

On the night, we will have an arrays of tea tasting activities, including making tea cocktails and tea meditation.

Come and join us for a night of sensual and visual indulgence in the Art of Tea Drinking.

(Note: On the night, you can get up to 25% off when purchasing any loose tea leaves and 15% off on all teabags. All teas are from Les Jardins de Gaia.)

Some fun facts about tea history in France

Louis XIV was one of the first aristocrats to become a tea drinker – though apparently, he was motivated by the thought that it would help his gout and overall health.  French doctors were excited about the discovery of having tea as a possible medicine.  Many treatises being published by French doctors, claiming all sorts of benefits of tea, including that tea was mentally stimulating, can cure headaches and aid digestion. Some even offered prescriptions.

Since then, French has infused their creativity into tea drinking culture by incorporating tea into various aspect of their lifestyle. This includes blending teas with other ingredients that give rise to different sensual stimuli.

In late 1700s, the famous French tea importer – Mariage Frères – started to expand their business and opened their first shop in Paris in 1854. This is where they took the French creativity to another level and created their special trademark of interesting blends of teas.

In 1994, Arlette Romer founded Les Jardins de Gaïa and introduced a different mindset and attitude to tea drinking community by promoting organic and biodynamic agriculture practice. This comes from the respect towards human and nature and the passion to preserve the future of our Mother Earth.

Tea Mail Has Arrived!

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Tea Mail

We have recently launched the new service - Tea Mail - so that our clients can enjoy more varieties of teas from Les Jardins de Gaia without needing to purchase large quantity. Each month, we curate each package based on your preference. To learn more about it, please visit: