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Lead by Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

"Corporate Wellbeing" is the new focus and mental wellbeing is key to all aspects of corporate wellbeing.

Our Intentions and Objectives

To raise the awareness and promote a positive attitude towards mental wellbeing at workplace, we have designed and facilitated experiential learning programme for companies as part of their talent and leadership development.

Our most preferred audiences for this workshop are the senior executives from the top senior leadership team. This stems from our deeply engrained belief that in order to achieve the most efficient and effective outcome, the change of attitude and mindset about corporate wellbeing has to come from the most influential leaders within the organisation.  

At the same time, we want to encourage more dialogues around corporate wellbeing to take place proactively - whether at the individuals or corporate levels. It is time to make a difference and do things differently.

We set out below a version of our public workshop on corporate wellbeing. 

Workshop Description

"Corporate Wellbeing" is the new focus and mental wellbeing is key to all aspects of corporate wellbeing.

When the senior executives or senior leaders are able to take charge of their own wellbeing, they will in turn influence and empower their team members to take care of their own respective wellbeing. This will help to increase engagement and performance outcome.

In essence, the practices to manage and enhance mental wellbeing is a “must-have” leadership attitude and practice, rather than a “nice-to-have” kind of perk as staff benefit.

It is an interactive workshop where the participants will be guided to connect the importance of wellbeing with various aspects, including staff engagement, performance, community and finance.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is targeted at people:

  • who are confused by the term “work-life balance” and feel that there is a better way of describing wellbeing in the corporate environment (e.g. work-life integration);

  • who want to gain a new perspective about mental health and the impact on the company’s performance;

  • who want to pick up some practical tools and approaches to incorporate into the work environment to manage stress and mental health issues; and

  • who want to raise the quality of mental wellbeing within the corporate environment.

Why Attend and the Key Takeaway

  • Gaining a new perspective about “wellbeing”.

  • Recognising the importance of establishing a support system to enhance wellbeing and potential impact of creating mentally healthy workplace.

  • Raising awareness of the key cornerstones that make up for corporate wellbeing, e.g. work, values, health and family & community.

  • Gaining useful tools and approaches to be applied and incorporated into the immediate workplace environment.

  • Establishing the support system for oneself as well as action plan to work with one’s team to raise the wellbeing at the workplace.

If you would like to attend or register for our upcoming public workshop or if you would like to know more about the programme, please email us to