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Lead from Inside Out (mindfulness-based executive coaching program)

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“When leaders take charge of their own wellbeing, they are in a powerful position to influence and enhance productivity and performance in their teams and the company.” Stephanie Luo, Luxe Nova

In a Nutshell

This is a 6-week mindfulness-based leadership coaching program designed as an empowering and transformative journey for today’s leaders.

Mindfulness is a pre-requisite leadership skill. It helps the leaders to become more adaptable and resilient to the fast-changing markets. It is done so by tapping into the space inside our mind and body and gaining new perspectives about our life. With the new perspectives, we will then take action to deal with the relevant situations and issues.

In this 6-week journey, the participants will meet once a week for 90-mins and our facilitators will guide the participants through various practices and tools. They can then apply to their work and personal life immediately. It is the best kind of instant gratification!

An overview of the 6-week journey

Week 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

  • What is mindfulness? Why is it useful?
  • Mindfulness as a leadership skill
  • Goal setting – achievable at the end of this 6-week journey
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Action Plan before next week

Week 2: Mindful Leaders

  • Check-in and review of the journey to date
  • What are our “autopilot” traits? How are they impacting on us?
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Action Plan before next week

Week 3: Mindful Observation

  • Check-in and review of the journey to date
  • What is like being the observer?
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Action Plan before next week


Week 4: Mindful Transformation

  • Check-in and review of the journey to date
  • What are in your Universe of Possibility?
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Action Plan before next week

Week 5: Mindfulness at Work

      • Check-in and review of the journey to date
      • What are your contributions at work?
      • Mindfulness Practice
      • Action Plan before next week

      Week 6: Mindfulness in Life

      • Check-in and review of the journey to date
      • What is like being extraordinarily ordinary?
      • Mindfulness Practice
      • Journey Review
      • Celebration and next steps


      What are the expected outcomes?

      From Google’s Groundbreaking Search Inside Yourself to the Asia Leadership Institute, we see over and over again that mindfulness training helps you:

      • Intensify your focus
      • Be resilient in the face of challenge
      • Manage stress
      • Unleash creativity and innovative thinking
      • Develop greater self-awareness and emotion regulation
      • Communicate clearly and effectively
      • Experience greater overall well-being

      So, take your pick! 

      Who is this program for?

      This program is ideal for people who:

      • are in leadership positions and looking to advance and expand further their power of
      • influence;
      • are seeking further personal and leadership development;
      • are looking to further define the direction of career path and life path; and
      • want to uncover and fulfil their own potentials and be the best version of themselves.



      Stephanie Luo

      Stephanie is an accredited Organisational Coach and Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Her first profession is an English-qualified solicitor and has worked with the renown international law firms and international banks in London and Hong Kong. She moved to Hong Kong in 2006.
      Throughout her legal and banking career, she has enlisted various approaches as the support system for her wellbeing to deal with highly stressful working environment. These approaches include executive coaching, reiki, yoga and meditation. As a result, she has been living an integrated life where she maintains a balance between her career, family, friends and community.
      Her journey has led her to discover the use and benefit of energy and sound healing with reiki and singing bowls. She regularly facilitates mindfulness practice and meditation for private clients and corporate clients. 


      Sam Shoushi

      Sam is a mindfulness-based coach and certified yoga teacher. In his journey of pursuing mindfulness meditation and yoga, he has found and benefited from these disciplines and practices. To him, these are his constant home where he finds grounding, peace and positive energy.

      As an ex-Googler, Sam has enjoyed the best piece of apple pie offered by Google. While he worked as a program manager in government relations, he was exploring and growing his passion for mindfulness-based practices through Google’s in-house “Search Inside Yourself” programme. Later on as he has further developed his practice with this programme, he became a facilitator regularly conducting mindfulness practice workshops at Google.

      He sees mindfulness as a key skill as well as pre-requisite for personal and professional growth. As an artist and nature lover, Sam believes that we learn from our own experiences. With this belief, he brings to his practice an interesting mix of open-mindedness, service, creativity and innovation.

      Now he is following the calling to spread the benefits to the others.

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