Tea Meditation (茶道冥想)


What is Tea Meditation (茶道冥想)?

Meditation is the practice of techniques to train the mind and attain a state of conscious ness, where we become aware of our thought and behaviour patterns in order to shift them for the better. With regular practice over time, one can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energised states of mind.

Meditation allows us to be in a completely relaxed yet alert state - when our bodies are completely relaxed, our minds are in a state of peace and awareness. This is the healing effect of meditation at all levels - mind, body and spirit. In this modern day where stress management becomes a requisite skill, meditation practices is a useful and sustainable support system.

As its name Tea Meditation (aka Meditation Cha Dao) (茶道冥想, as ‘Way of Tea’ meditation) says, this type of meditation primarily focuses on tea. The simple act of drinking tea is a naturally calming activity. It connects us to the Nature’s energy through its ingredients and their meaning. This special bond with the Earth refreshes our mind, body and spirit. We become balanced when feeling the inner harmony and awakening.

Each experience is unique in itself. The link between the individual and the tea is personal. As we learn to pay attention to whatever is happening in our life, we become more mindful and aware. While practicing this technique, we deepen the learning of our own experience with compassion and kindness towards ourselves.

The tea serves as a mind-body-medicine that flows through our whole being and leads to inner positivity, healing and tranquility.

What will you take away from Mediation Cha Dao?

The goal of meditation is to slow down our mind’s permanent activity and thus revitalizing it.  It encourages a state of clarity, calmness and positivity.

Key take-aways are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Anxiety and Stress Reduction
  • Clarity and Peace of Mind
  • Increased Happiness andCreativity
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Expansion of Consciousness
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Healing