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Networking, the Feminine Way

At the moment, we will hold this networking event on bi-monthly basis.  However, we may have a "pop-up" networking event / special workshop in the interim when we have some visiting facilitators or practitioners.  

Each event is designed with a specific theme – and at the same time, we deliberately keep the content vague to tease your curiosity.  The intention is to create a safe space where you can simply be in the moment, relax, breath and connect with other women.  It will be a heart opening experience. At the same time, you get to uncover and explore your feminine elements.

Oh, as you can see from the photo above, we aim to unwind from the hustle-bustle. Please do come in your comfy clothes. 

Upcoming Event Dates

Special Offer: Bring a friend and both of you can enjoy 10% discount.

Note: We have been inspired by our resident Angel Card Reader, Shane Lau, and consulted Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers for the meaning behind our chosen Exchange of Abundance (i.e. 300 and 350). The results are simply fascinating and inspiring as they fit in well with the intention of "Networking, the Feminine Way". 

*Angel Number 300 is a signal to get your attention and make you take notice.  It is time to listen to and follow your intuitive messages and take appropriate action in the direction of your Divine life purpose. Angel Number 300 encourages you to accept and develop your spiritual gifts and abilities and use them to enhance your own life as well as the lives of many others. 

**Angel Number 350 is a message that the important decisions and life choices you have made will bring about positive changes that will encourage more opportunities in your life.  It is also a message that these changes will have a direct result upon your day to day activities as you will be devoting more of your time and energy to your spiritual pursuits and Divine life purpose and soul mission.  Angel Number 350 also tells you to rely upon your communicative and creative skills and abilities and allow yourself to keep an open mind and an open heart as to the changes currently taking place in your life.  Trust that your highest ideals and desires may manifest as a result. 

(source: Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers)

How was “Networking, the Feminine Way” started?

The word ‘networking’ is generally perceived as a platform or forum where one can interact with others to exchange information and develop professional and business contacts.  In the business world, we network with the intention to develop the contacts, which hopefully can translate into business opportunities or even transactions. 

In short, it is a form of exchange of energy, where both parties are meeting with the specific motivation.  In most cases, people would follow up simply because there is a potential business opportunity; otherwise, they might talk again only when they see each other next, which is entirely depending on the fate.

However, this kind of networking is a masculine way to connect with people.  For many people, it is energy draining rather than energy begetting.  In a long run, one may start feeling bored, disconnected or jaded.

Having said so, there are many networking events that are created by women for women.  These are good support system or forum for women’s empowerment.  When we take a closer look at these, something is still missing. But what’s missing? So we pondered and contemplated – then we realised that the element of femininity tends to be brushed aside, instead of being in the centre of the attention. 

It is difficult to explain what femininity with logics or even in a straight simple sentence. Instead, we can only grasp what femininity is and uncover such power within us through experiential learning. It is in the same way as how we have learnt to listen to and trust our own intuition.

We want to introduce various ways (be it tools, references and resources) to explore and uncover through "Networking, the Feminine Way", so that we can get a better understanding about our own feminine.  Come and join us on this adventure!

Please visit the WEBCO webpage to find out more about what we do. If you would like to join the Networking, the Feminine Way, you can simply register to become a WEBCO member first.