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Open Dialogue @ Luxe Nova

About "Unlocking Your Destiny Code" 

We’re all born with a unique set of Destiny Codes. One that sets us apart, one that governs our talents, abilities, strengths and personalities and one that ultimately be used to guide us towards achieving success and fulfilling our dreams. Your Destiny Code is unique. It contains the answers for you to understand who you really are and, more importantly, allows you to connect better with people that matter and love in your life. To seek a better life, you must first become a better person. Your destiny code shows you how you can achieve this.

Have you ever wondered what makes someone successful? Success begins with awareness. Of knowing what you have and using it with skill and precise timing. They let these traits play out and define the world around them. Successful people clearly know what they have, what they want and how to get what they want, using what they have. In Jill's personal life and her practice, she aims to avoid reading the success stories of others and start writing her own. 

Chinese astrology doesn’t advocate that you only expect good stuff from your destiny. After all, life is a thing made of positives and negatives, so be prepared to sometimes gnaw at the stale piece of bread crust and sometimes even go to bed with an empty stomach.

If you learn to look at the events around you with philosophic calm, you’ll save much energy and spare yourself from headaches. There is no point in complaining your own bad luck or insidious rivals.

Often you’ll find yourself in the situations when you’ll have to decide whether you should fight for a tasty treat or, after having evaluating your chances, give up and step aside. However don’t be too unrealistic and if you haven’t got something now, you’ll be sure to get it and even more in the future; so, stay unshakably optimistic about things to come! To know and accept that your life is precious and continually changing just like the seasons opens you up to exciting and new possibilities. It is dynamic...evolving and transforming from moment to moment.

Since your life is a mirror reflection of your thoughts and feelings, why not start today to live in a state of more awareness? The energy between astrological signs may be enhanced or reduced depending on the Feng Shui energy of each sign in different years, which is why it is important to fine tune the level of affinity each year. 

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About Jill Lander

Born in the heart of Wales in the UK and based Hong Kong since 1977, Jill truly lives and breathes her Feng Shui practice through her passion and innate acute sense for space and energy shift. She is in the unique position to explain the essence of Feng Shui principles in a conceptual way and yet as a priority release the ‘mystery’ that has been attached to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui (whether through Chinese or Western eyes) is Feng Shui. Classically trained with some of the greatest and most generous of Feng Shui masters in Asia, Jill integrates her western roots with eastern philosophy.

As a master in the art of space alignment and metaphysics, Jill inspires her clients to enhance their potential using authentic Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology (Bazi) with a practical and logical approach. She offers a unique and practical perspective with guidance as to how best maximize personal space and energy at any given time, taking into consideration a person’s personal birth chart and that of any property.

Jill’s practice claims international respect and recognition in the corporate world both in HK and in Europe. Major banking organisations seek her expertise and she has several of the top banks in HK on her client list. Jill also writes for many prestigious International magazines.

About Open Dialogue @ Luxe Nova

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“Dialogue…is a conversation with a center, not sides. It is a way of taking the energy of our differences and channeling it toward something that has never been created before. It lifts us out of polarization and into a greater common sense, and it is thereby a means for accessing the intelligence and coordinated power of groups of people.” ~ William Issacs

The root of the word “dialogue” comes from the Greek word “dialogos” where:

  • dia” means “across” or “ through
  • logos” means “words” or “meanings

In plain English language, dialogue means the sharing across meanings between the parties. When we are in a dialogue, we co-create and hold a common ground for everyone to express his/her own ideas and opinions, to listen respectfully to others and to suspend our opinions about others.

Open Dialogue @ Luxe Nova is a forum for likeminded people to gather and exchange. It is a place where curiosity can go wild and relationships are formed and deepened.

It takes place once a month – generally, the third Friday of the month. We will have some special speakers to open and lead the Open Dialogue.

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Later Event: September 3
Autumn Yoga Workshop