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Parent & Child Mindfulness

Parent & Child Mindfulness

“You and your child have a unique and very special relationship. The dos and don’ts of all the advice givers out there may or may not apply to you. You have to listen to your heart and to your child and then make the decisions that are good for right now, for you two.” ~ Vimala McClure, “The Tao of Motherhood”

Setting aside time to connect meaningfully is a cornerstone of building a solid relationship.  With our children, we can enrich this time together simply through play, games, music and by doing things together.

In dedicating time to have a private session of mindfulness practice with your child, you get to develop meaningful connections with your child. As your connection deepens, your love for each other strengthens and you become more confident at parenting and in turn, create a more harmonious relationship within the family.

What does a private session generally look like?

In general, each session contains the elements of discovery, exploration, curiosity, activity and stillness.

The facilitator will work with you to explore existing patterns of interaction in any current situation and to discover other ways of engaging with each other. During the session, the facilitator will introduce tools and approaches that are relevant and appropriate to your nuclear family.

Our objective is to work with the parents and children, together, to deepen the connections between them by raising the awareness of the key junctions in the dynamics of their relationship.

In this journey, we aim to empower the parents and children to align their use of language (i.e. adult language and children language) and enhance the effective communication. In the long term, the parents and kids get to establish the mutual respect and equality in connecting with each other as individual spiritual being.

Who can participate?

Each session is set up for the nuclear family unit. (By nuclear family, we mean all kinds of nuclear family, whether the conventional family, single parent family or same-sex parents family).

The mindfulness practice is catered mainly for children age 6 and above.

Why do Parent & Child practice mindfulness together?

A community is built from relationships.  A family is usually the first such environment for us to learn to relate to each other. How we relate to one another is based on our thoughts and behaviours, which reflect our experiences, beliefs and core values. 

“Values” is a core element of any relationship, especially within the family. Knowing our core values is the foundation for character-building and developing a healthy well-rounded individual. It is also the key factor and foundation for connecting with our own unique spiritual blueprint. 

The Parent & Child Mindfulness practice is like a partnership between you and your child to establish, validate and embrace your own core value system.

By values, we have in mind as such:

Generosity - Kindness - Humility - Patience - Resilience - Perseverance - Courage - Discipline - Compassion

How do we book our first session?

Just give us a call at +852 2898 0568 or email us at We will match you with one of the facilitators and arrange for your first session.

Our facilitator may (if necessary) contact you prior to the session for an informal chat to gain some understanding about you and your nuclear family.

Exchange of Abundance

Note: The FIRST SESSION is particularly essential for a nuclear family with more than 1 child. We recommend that the entire nuclear family attends the First Session. In this session, the facilitator will work with the parents and children to assess and ascertain whether or not it is more suitable for the parents to work with each child individually for future sessions.

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