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Practice Yoga with Tej Dalal

Bringing her passion and love for yoga, Tej Dalal has curated two types of yoga practices in the setting of small group classes. These are

Stretch, Breathe and Meditate

A class to unwind the body and mind. This class is just what you need, to energize and rejuvenate yourself.

Each session will focus on poses to stretch the body, focusing on specific areas that experience stiffness and stress.

We will practice different breathing techniques (pranayama) to open our blocked energy channels. The breath work will set you up for a guided relaxation and meditation at the end of each class. Leave the class feeling lighter in the body and mind.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Kick-off the weekend on a positive note with the Gentle Vinyasa Flow class.

A balanced practice incorporating challenging active poses followed by passive restorative postures.

The focus will be to bring awareness to breath and alignment and to practice meditation through movement. A class geared to build strength, increase flexibility and connect to the body. Suitable for all levels.

About Tej Dalal

Tej started her career as a marketing and advertising professional with the determination to climb the corporate ladder in the media industry. After giving birth to her first daughter, she started to practice yoga more – initially, with the intention to get back into shape. Little did she know then that she will fall in love with the practice and then enrol for a teacher training course to further deepen her own practice.

Since the first teacher training, she feels truly humbled and grateful for the way life has steered her life direction, where she feels with a clear conviction that yoga is an integral part of her life.

This stems from her inner confirmation that “this is what I am meant to do and this is where I am meant to be” - whether it is for her own personal practice or when she teaches and shares these practice with others.

It is her passion and prayer that she can connect to people and share her passion and love for yoga with them. She teaches with her heart by sharing the benefits of yoga that she has personally experienced, including how yoga has grounded her, uplifted her, taught her to look at life with a difference perspective, taught her to be mindful and present, enriched her understanding of others and most importantly, connect her to herself.