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Quartz Crystal Sound Bath with Heidy Renard

Pranayama and Quartz Crystal Sound Bath

Science shows us that everything in the Universe is made up of energy. In the time of new moon and full moon, the energy vibration is particularly potent. This vibration can affect each of us at different level. Some people feel more emotional or lethargic; some people may even be on the verge of turning into a werewolf.

Instead of being influenced by the energy, we can take control by creating a sacred space for ourselves to work with this moon energy vibration.

Article by Heidy: Sound Healing with the Quartz Crystal Bowls

What will the Sound Bath experience be like?

In the session, she will guide you to practice some pranayama (the breathing techniques) while she plays her Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.

These beautiful and luminescent bowls emit an expansive sound vibration that can penetrate through all tissues and enhance the energy flow in the body. Combining with breathing practice, we can ensure that sufficient oxygen is inside our organs and body. 

With each exhaling, we shed off some of the negative energy. Our breathing becomes more smooth and rhythmic. We become more connected with our body and our inner self. We become more relaxed and yet focused. In this state, our self-healing and survival instinct become more awake.

At the end of the session, we will be feeling relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated. 

About Heidy Renard

Heidy is a mother of two beautiful daughters; a yoga teacher; a reiki practitioner; and a crystal singing bowls healer.

She first discovered yoga in 2003. Since then it has been accompanying her throughout all the joyful or difficult moments in life.

Spiritual name, Shivani, was given when she was studying at Sivananda Ashram, Canada in 2006. She has since then embarked on the new journey of embodying Yoga into her life as a way of being. In this journey, she has encountered numerous teachers and masters. Each has guided her further along this journey and to deepen her awareness of life.

Through her work as yoga teacher and healer, she connects with people at a subtle and yet profound level. It gives her a great joy to see people finding the light in their heart and letting it shine.