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Self Grounding and Defragmentation Workshop


According to Shamanism, in order to be grounded, you need to clean your Solar Plexus chakra, which is also known as the garbage of the physical body or the womb of the mother.  The exercises allow the body, mind and your energy to separate from each other on a sub conscious level.   


Who can join?

Grounding is very good for people who can easily get agitated or influenced by others who tend to hold a more dominant energy. 

For people who are stressed and feeling compressed and over powered, these exercises will help you to become stronger in your mind and body.


More about the practitioner:

"Rahul has received transmissions on the arts of healing from learning and living with healers in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka, and started took care of other well beingsince his early age. You will learn the different methods Rahul has practice in his life and sharing his experiences and getting your hands at practicing what you have learn; however he has no official programme or syllabus for training; Information provided in this website is for reference only."