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Let's do Tai Chi

About Let's do Tai Chi

This is a regular small group class of Tai Chi. Bernard will guide you through the different techniques to improve your wellness and health. It is catered for multi-levels of participants - from newbie to pros. 

For a beginner, Bernard will start with the simple exercises like focused breathing, basic exercises and stance work to raise the student’s awareness of own sensitivity to energy. Where necessary, Bernard will incorporate certain Qigong movements into the practice to assist the student to deal with his/her own areas of focus (e.g. complications from past injuries, strengthening weak muscles etc.).

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Why Tai Chi? And Why Not?

Change is the only constant in the world.

As we transition from Spring into the sultry days of Summer, the Yang energy starts to expand into its fullness. We feel both energized and yet more harried and stressed than usual. Instead of trying to resist the change, we should just flow with it and leverage the resources that are available to us. This is the essence of the Taoist principle of Wu Wei (無為i.e. non-doing). 

Living in the steroid-driven city like Hong Kong, people age faster as a result of the stress about themselves, the past, future and anything but the present moment. The idea of “non-doing” may seem to be an urban myth to many people.

On the contrary, as Tai Chi embodies the principle of change and non-resistance through sequences of movements, it can enhance your life quality and wellbeing. For instance, dancers who practice Tai Chi have benefited from increased speeds, reflexes, power and endurance. High-flying corporate executives who has Tai Chi as their wellbeing support system can manage their stress, stay focus and achieve high performance and results.

In short, Tai Chi is for everyone, rather than exclusively for the older folks.

Come and join Bernard Kwan for an evening interactive seminar over a cup of tea or more.

You will also gain some insight to:

  • a brief history of Tai Chi;
  • some stories of legendary masters;
  • the science behind Tai Chi and the secrets of Qigong; and
  • how they differ from other energetic movement practices like yoga.

Bernard will demonstrate some basic Qigong movements that you can practice at home. These movements are based on Yang Style Tai Chi (楊氏太極拳) and Chen Style Tai Chi (陳氏太極拳).

About Bernard Kwan

Bernard has had a lifelong interest in philosophy, spirituality, martial arts and body work. His journey has led him to study many different paths such as yoga, Buddhist philosophy, meditation, Aikido, shamanism, Taoism and Chinese martial arts.

In 2008, he sustained several serious injuries to his back – which led him to explore various modalities to heal himself on the physical and emotional level. One of the key elements in his rehabilitation is Qigong and Tai Chi practice.

Bernard was born in Malaysia, works in finance, read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University and obtained a master’s degree in Buddhist studies from Hong Kong University. He has close to twenty years’ experience in Tai Chi, Baguazhang (八卦掌) and Aikido.