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Tea Meditation with Singing Bowls

Tea Meditation with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

What to expect?

We have heard about the benefits of regular meditation, which helps to reduce stress, to quieten our cluttered mind, to tune into the present moment and to enhance our sense of wellbeing.

In most cases, people tend to be uninspired by the idea of meditation being in the still and silent mode for a specific length of time.

We would like to show you a different way of doing meditation – that is simple and you can practice regularly in your own space.

Why Tea Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Spa?

Tea leaves hold all the beautiful elements and nutrients coming from the Sun and the Mother Earth. Each element contains wisdom, nourishing our mind, body and spirit.

The ritual of making a cup of tea is in essence a mindfulness practice. This ritual can be as simple as using a single tea bowl or an elaborate ceremony set up with an array of utensils. It is simply meditative. 

When drinking tea, we first let the fluid flow inside our mouth and allow our palate to receive and connect with the flavours. As we close our eyes, we bring our awareness to connect with the subtleties of the tea. As we go inwards, we will uncover new sensations - whether about ourselves, the tea, the surrounding or simply being in the present moment.

The sound vibrations from the crystal singing bowls will enhance the sense of wellbeing and deepen the internal connections.

What will you get out of this?

Regular practice of Tea Meditation can help to slow down our mind’s permanent activity and thus revitalizing it.  It encourages a state of clarity, calmness and positivity and other benefits, including: 

  • mindfulness

  • effective reduction of anxiety and stress

  • enhancement of clarity of mind and sense of calm and peace

  • increased happiness and creativity

  • revitalisation and re-energisation

  • stronger immune system

  • enhanced emotional resilience

And lastly, the fuss about meditation gets demystified - as it is simple and can be done on a regular basis in as little as 5 minutes.

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Facilitator - Stephanie Luo

Stephanie (aka Chief of Creativity of Luxe Nova) is an organisational coach, accredited by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership. She has worked with senior MNC executives, achieving positive shifts in these clients and their immediate surrounding (including raising the workplace health, staff engagement and performance). 

Having been practicing Reiki since 2009, she has been exploring various healing modalities (with scientific support and evidence) and led to discover the use and healing benefit of the singing bowls (including Tibetan and crystal singing bowls).

Her first profession is an English-qualified solicitor and has worked with the renown international law firms based in the City of London.  She moved to Hong Kong in 2006 to join an international bank and since held a number of senior roles in the bank.  She then left her legal and banking profession and is now focusing on her own business ventures (including Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio and her own management consultancy).

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