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Tea Meditation Made Easy: an introductory workshop

"Tea is said to be a way. This is because it is something one learns to appreciate through feeling, not through verbal instruction. If a person maintains a state of quietness, only then will one appreciate the quietness inherent in tea." ~ Lu Yu

Tea Meditation intrigues people because, as the name suggests, you drink tea and meditate at the same time.  

This meditation practice primarily focuses on tea - the process of making tea, drinking tea and sensing the effect of tea on our mind and body. Each experience is unique in itself. The link between the individual and the tea is personal. In essence, it is a support system for you to enhance and sustain your whole-person wellbeing.

What will you take away from Tea Meditation?

  • an introduction on various types of teas (e.g. white tea, green tea, black tea and blue tea);
  • some understanding on how different type of tea can affect our body, mind and spirit;
  • useful tips on making each type of tea (e.g. types of water, temperature and brewing time);
  • RAW - the Tea Meditation Home Practice set;
  • you can start integrating this meditation practice into your daily routine right after the workshop; and
  • be part of the 21-day home practice support group where you get to exchange your insight, experience and inspiration with each other.

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About the Facilitator

Stephanie is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant. She has over 20 years of commercial experiences as an English-qualified solicitor, through working with the renown international law firms and international banks in London and Hong Kong. 

Throughout her legal and banking career, she has enlisted various approaches as the support system for her wellbeing to deal with highly stressful working environment. These approaches include executive coaching, reiki, yoga and meditation. As a result, she has been living an integrated life where she maintains a balance between her career, family, friends and community.

In 2014, she took the leap of faith and joined Luxe Nova. It is part of her mission to assist her corporate contemporaries to create their own support system to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

She has been incorporating mindfulness practice, mediation and other alternative approaches into her work with senior executives in the international corporate, achieving positive shifts in these clients and their immediate surrounding (including raising the workplace health and staff engagement and performance). 

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