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The Mind Lab

Urban Bootcamp - The Mind Lab

What is the Mind Lab?

The Mind Lab is a life and business strategy workshop where you learn how to apply the scientific method to goal setting and future creation. By scientific method, it includes Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Heart-Mind Communication research.

The Mind Lab has been hosted in over 15 cities globally (U.S., Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan). Participants report increased clarity about their goals, more energy to accomplish their goals, more confidence about their future, and new insights into what they really want to accomplish, and strategies to make them happen.

Why taking part in the Mind Lab?

We often hear about the Law of Attraction and power of manifestation etc. and how these can help creating the life that you desire. At the same time, many of us remain sceptical because we get a mixed results – sometimes, they work; many other times, they don't work.

When the “don’t work” seem to appear more regularly, we easily find ourselves:

  • feeling lost about our life and business goals;
  • feeling lack of drive, momentum or consistency to achieve our goals;
  • doubting ourselves as to whether we were out of our own depth; or
  • searching for solutions, tools and techniques to help us create action plans.

 If you are relating to any or all of the above, then read on. 

What will I take away from the Mind Lab?

The participants would expect some (if not, all) of the following takeaways:

  • Gaining clarity on the life direction - whether personal or in business – as to what you want
  • Understanding and able to apply the scientific methods of goal-setting and materializing your vision
  • Discovering the common challenges to achieving goals and how to overcome the challenges
  • Exploring and defining new goals for the next 3 months
  • Defining a 3-month strategy, timeline and action plan to achieve your goals
  • Reconnecting with your inner-self and sense of purpose
  • Aligning heart-body-mind towards a single future
  • Overcoming barriers to consciously creating the future
  • Meeting and collaborating with like minded-people

Who is the Mind Lab for? 

  • People who want to get crystal clear on their future and action plans to make it happen
  • Entrepreneurs with ideas and visions that they want to put into action
  • Business leaders that want to learn techniques for focusing their teams, including executing business development targets
  • Professional consultants, executive and organisational coaches and workshop facilitators as part of the continuing professional development
  • People who genuinely curious about the Mind Lab

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How much and Where?

Enter the Mind Lab to tap into new potentials, uncharted possibilities, and your untapped creativity. This Rite of Passage experience will lead you through a process of transformation and launch your life into a new timeline in alignment with your greatest aspirations.

Testimonials from Mind Lab in Chiang Mai.

About the Facilitator

Tyler Mongan is an Innovation Strategist and co-creator of the Mind Lab Experience. He was the founder of Hawaii’s first sustainable living publication, HonuGuide and co-founder of Nella Media Group, an award winning print media company. In 2012 he was recruited to join Smart Sustainability Consulting as Director of Operations for energy conservation education programs that identified over $8 Million in no cost savings for the Hawaii State DOE and DoD.

Aside from catalyzing individuals and organizations towards meaningful results with Sacred Strategy, Tyler is a Ph.D. candidate in Natural Medicine at Quantum University with research focused on individual and organizational Coherence, actionable Innovation, and strategic Futuring.