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Morning Awakening Retreat

Starting our day with mindfulness brings a richness that we often miss when we’re distracted by our thoughts, our cares and worries. Mindfulness reminds us of the flavors of life, the warmth of the sun on our skin, the freshness of the rain, the smile of a friend. Mindfulness brings us back to the simple joys that surround us, the things that make life shine.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation that can be easily folded into our daily lives. It is a way of being,  paying attention to the moment that we are alive in. This can be anything from brushing your teeth, walking down the street or making a cup of Tea.

What will I be doing in this workshop?

We will begin the session with several simple exercises to bring you into the space, into the community we create, and into you. We will deepen into our sense of awareness and aliveness, awakening to the aliveness of ourselves in our bodies, in our lives.

We will then participate in a traditional Tea Ceremony filled with sensory experiences. There is something very powerful about drinking Tea mindfully, each experience is unique and the alchemy that occurs between the individual and the Tea is deeply moving. 

Throughout the session you will be guided to deeper states of awareness which will allow you to gain truth and clarity about your own life, remove blockages and navigate towards living as the most authentic version of your higher self.


  • Simple practices that you can fold into your daily life with ease.
  • Quick, effective practices that you can do wherever you are, at home, at work and in between.
  • A new way to experience your life, a better way to interact with your thoughts and emotions.
  • A whole new relationship with Tea, a sacred plant that cultivates awakened presence, harmony and inner healing.
  • Deeper connection to Nature.
  • An awareness of our true state of being.

About the Facilitators - Elena Maria Foucher & Resham Daswani

Elena Maria Foucher began professional life as a science major and software engineer in Silicon Valley. In the midst of success something was missing, spurring a move Thailand (2001) and later meditation (2005). She spent 6 years researching meditation, relaxation and stress management, opening a healing center in Chiang Mai in 2010. Upon moving to Hong Kong in 2012, she created Mindfulness Made Easy, a quick and easy method, to suit the needs of busy urbanites. Over the years she's shared her ongoing studies with CEOs, engineers, bankers, lawyers, architects, teachers, parents, therapists and artists in Thailand, the US and Hong Kong.

Resham Daswani is a spiritual seeker of higher consciousness. Resham started her journey in the art and design industry as a means of self-expression, whilst still keenly searching for a spiritual lineage to call her own. Her pursuit was answered when she was introduced to Cha Dao and there was no doubt that this is what she had been searching for. She traveled to Taiwan and studied further under a realised Zen Buddhist monk and Tea Master. The education changed her life, and she found herself in tune with her true path. She returned to Hong Kong with a dedication to promote an awakening of harmony through Tea, and has begun hosting tea ceremonies so others too can explore and discover the sacred benefits of the leaf.