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Yoga and Breathing for Digestive Health

Yoga and Breathing for Digestive Health

"As the wind drives smoke and impurities from the atmosphere, pranayama drives away the impurities of the body and mind." - BKS Iyengar 

Every time we breath, our digestive organs are massaged. Like a stream flowing through a dry valley and offering nutrients to everything in its path, our breath is a life force. As it runs through our body, it reveals our inner state. 

What will this workshop be like?

In this workshop, Win-Sie will guide you through a series of practice, combining yoga poses and breathing techniques. Think of it as a mini journey into our inner self.

As you go through the series of practice, you get to activate the connection between your body, mind and spirit. As a result, the life force energy starts to flow more smoothly and enhance your metabolism and detoxification rate.

As you delve deeper, your self-awareness becomes higher, your energy level and general wellbeing becomes rejuvenated and your spirit is more at peace.

This is down to the magic of working with the breath as a renewable source of energy feeding into our health.

After the practice, we will celebrate this journey over some hearty and healthy snacks and exchange our joy with each other.


An interesting video clip showing what's happening to your body in diaphragmatic breathing.


About Win-Sie Tow

A native New Yorker, Win-Sie Tow is a multi-passionate yoga practitioner with 500-hours of teacher training at YogaWorks, 9 years of practice, and 4 years of teaching experience. Through yoga and swimming, she overcame asthma and low back pain; her mission in life is to connect, heal and grow -- and to leave you a little better than how she found you.