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Yoga with MARI Yoga - Tone, Detox & Rejuvenate Your Body & Mind

A new series of Yoga classes with MARI Yoga at Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio has started this year!

We highly recommend you to participate continuously (once a week) in order to cultivate your awareness toward your body & mind and to experience clear results. But we also warmly welcome those who want to participate each class as a Drop-In.

How will the classes look like?

Throughout the series, you will also savour a basic breathing practice (Yogic & Taoist) and Body Alignment Sequence.

“Fusion” style would be a suitable word if someone asks a “Style” for Mariko's Yoga Asana class. Mariko combines “Yin” (Earth) and “Yang”  (Heaven) aspects in her practice to create a circular balance within one’s body & mind conditions by borrowing ancient & modern wisdoms. She also customises practices for those who need a special attentions* such as pregnancy, recovering from injuries/sickness etc.

*If you have any conditions that the instructor should be aware of, please inform Mariko in advance before you make a booking. 

More about Mariko

Born in Fukuoka, Japan.
Mariko has been living in various countries across continents during the past 12 years. Prior to arriving to Hong Kong, she resided in Luxembourg, where she gained Master degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Luxembourg. She also expanded her professional experiences in Yoga as well as in the field of Facial Reflexology while she lived in Europe.

Mariko’s interest in Yoga began when she was a young girl and was a result of her relating to various ethical and moral attributes that her life had in common with yoga philosophy. The way she was raised in Japan set the stage; she was taught Compassion, Gratitude, Respect for all living things, and Acceptance of Reality and of Oneself. These qualities all have their roots in yoga philosophy, which teaches their development.
Mariko offers a wide range of Yoga Asana practice; from basic & calming styles to a Martial Arts Integrated style based on participants’ levels & intentions. Yet, her own practice motto is in “Beginner’s Mind” as an instructor and as a practitioner.

For more information about Mariko, please visit