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Lify is the world’s first Smart Wellness System that comprises a single-serve smart brewer, proprietary wellness tea discs made of 100% natural ingredients and decomposable material, as well as an integrated Lify APP together with a cloud platform that provide drink recommendations based on users’ body conditions from pioneering herbal intelligence.

Lify is reinventing traditional herbal wisdom by providing the busy urban dweller with insights into their physical condition and recommending herbal beverage as natural remedies and health boosters in every home and office. Our vision is to develop a holistic one-stop solution for global consumers to enjoy and experience natural remedies in a smart, easy and personalized way.

With our patented infusion technology, Lify smart brewer delivers freshly brewed best quality wellness tea under 1 min in the right temperature, infusion time and brewing pressure for each recipe. And our proprietary tea discs are eco-friendly, made of decomposable material and contains a precise mixed blend of multiple natural ingredients from certified German tea farm, individually packed and sealed for freshness in Hong Kong.

Lify has been recognised by 9 international awards including GOOD DESIGN, A’Design Awards, IDA Awards, A&D Trophy Awards, European Product Design Award and German Design Award 2020.


Founded in 2010, The Hummingfish Foundation (THF) is a Hong Kong based non-profit charity organization, also registered as an environmental protection charity in Timor-Leste. Our mission is to protect the earth’s unspoiled natural environment through projects that promote Harmony between Nature, People and Business, as a result, Adding Value to Nature.

All THF projects share three characteristics:-

  • Partner closely with local communities in developing countries to create environmentally sustainable and profitable products

  • Mentor local entrepreneurs with high-value green solutions so that their green business can generate much-needed income and economic incentives to protect their natural environment

  • Inspire consumers to develop an appreciation for nature.

THF has launched three projects, namely:

  • Ai-Funan, the organic soap;

  • Maubere Mountain Coffee, the wild grown coffee; and

  • Clean Kids, a handwashing and hygiene education project in Timor-Leste.


Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our love for food. At Al’s Kefir, we make delicious ice cream, sodas and smoothies using homemade kefir and fresh fruits. Kefir is a superfood that has 5 times the amount of probiotics than yogurt. And it has loads of vitamins and minerals.

Our products make delicious and healthy alternatives to commercial sugary drinks and desserts. And it’s all natural! It’s a great way to get your daily dose of probiotics, while satisfying your sweet tooth without all the excess sugar.

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Tsering and his family has been in the business of collecting Tibetan antiques and handicrafts for over 50 years. They originally started the business in Goa, India and have been traveling around India and Nepal to collect authentic Tibetan handicrafts.

Tsering joined his family’s business at a young age of 16 and his passion on collecting Tibetan antiques and handicrafts has grown, and has developed a very good eyes and ears for these beautiful gems.

Own a conversation starter piece. Every piece has a story rich is history, heritage and art.

We 'Ritu Priyanka'- a sustainable ladies fashion brand from Hong Kong are a design firm with roots grounded in India. Our brand is synonymous with handmade style and comfort for today's women.

Our vision is to bring Indian Handlooms to the ever evolving world of fashion and to design for the ethically conscious client.

Indian handlooms have many magnificent stories to tell of their heritage and how the art has been passed down through generations. Each handcrafted garment is well researched and designed to be in line with the fashion season. Our design inspirations are from Hong Kong and our various travels adding more grandeur to the craft it promotes. With our brand we give you an opportunity to have it all - be in vogue, be ethical, support a cause and have a great story with every piece.