GOOD Life Workshops

10:30 - 18:00, Saturday, 23 November 2019


*Timetable updated on 10 August 2019. Subject to further changes.



10:30 - 18:00, Saturday, 23 November 2019

Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty

Hakka Unicorn Dance

Urban Feng Shui - Modern Living

Five Senses Therapy

Introduction to Japanese Full-Contact Karate

Tea & Incense Meditation

Introduction to Breathwork

Reconnect with Your Inner Child with Your Child

Sleep Meditation


Healing Vibration of Voice & Sound

Demonstration of Iaido (Japanese Sword Skills)



Hakka Unicorn Dance

Hing Chao, International Guoshu Association

International Guoshu Association is committed to protecting, developing, and promoting China’s indigenous sports martial arts system. Our aim is to revitalize China’s physical heritage by reforming its organizational and competition structures; to educate the public; and to popularize Chinese sports through printed media, website, and organizing public events such as competitions, demonstrations, seminars, lectures, and exhibitions. Last but not least, at the same time as promoting and protecting China’s traditional culture, we aim to introduce China’s distinguished physical heritage to the global audience and integrate Chinese sports more closely with global sports.

  • Suitable for Family with children (all ages)

  • Max. capacity: 80 people

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Urban Feng Shui – Modern Living

Jill Lander, Golden Elements

In Hong Kong since 1977, Jill Lander truly lives and breathes authenticity into her Feng Shui practice, balancing her Western roots with an Eastern philosophical lifestyle. Classically trained with some of the greatest and most generous of Feng Shui masters in Asia. A master in the art of space alignment and Chinese metaphysics, Jill inspires her clients to fulfil their true potential by using authentic Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology (Bazi) with a practical and logical approach - taking into account of their personal birth chart and that of any property and offering guidance to maximise personal space and energy at any given time. She claims respect in the international corporate world, especially many senior managements of the international banks who frequently seek her expertise in assisting them to harmonise their teams, to enhance the performance and to maximise the business growth using Feng Shui principles.

  • Open to people who are curious about the art of space alignment and metaphysics.

  • Maximum capacity: 60 people


Reconnect with Your Inner Child with Your Child

Dr. Bridget Luo, General Practitioner

Bridget is a medical doctor from England and has been trained and practiced in General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Surgical Education and now in General Practitice.  Over 16 years of practice has led her to realise that although many illnesses and diseases may be treated at the surface level with medications or surgery, the patients’ conditions have never seemed to fully recover or resolve. She is also seeing more people (especially the young ones and despite in good physical health) suffering significantly from mood related issues, including stress, anxiety, anger, phobia and depression. Yet again medications and counselling have provided limited benefits.

During a career break, it came to light that in order for people to truly heal from within, they will need to create their own wellbeing management system. This has inspired her to integrate her practices in the worlds of western medicine and alternative healing. She has explored and researched further about appropriate use of alternative treatments (including Bach flower remedy and subtle energy medicine) and is comfortable to recommend alternative therapies. She now works with her clients by empowering them to take ownership of their own health, to enlist support and guidance to explore deeper issues and to establish positive coping strategies. 

As a mother of two active boys, Bridget has been using simple yoga and mindfulness exercises to help her boys to find calm moments in their chaotic city-living life, but more importantly, is spending fun time with her boys to create positive memories.

  • Open to family with children (min. age 5). This will be a fun and interactive workshop for parents to bond with their children as well as reconnecting with their inner child.

  • Max. Capacity: 20 people

  • Pre-registration would be good.


Sleep Meditation

Rosalie e’Silva

Rosalie is an international journalist, meditation and yoga teacher.

It was during her time as a TV journalist that Rosalie turned to meditation to help cope with the pressures of working in live television. She is passionate about sharing the transformative power of one of her favourite classes to teach, yoga nidra or yogic sleep.

Rosalie is a producer at Bloomberg, where creates digital videos for TicToc, the global social news network and has recently launched a wellness series called Glow.

  • Open to everyone who wants to rest and get energised.

  • Max. Capacity: 30 people

  • Pre-registration would be good.


Introduction to Breathwork - Mind-Body Healing Benefits & Simple Tool Kit for Urban Life

Joy Fok

Originally from Hong Kong and had a 20+ years career as a TV producer, Joy has been living in Bali meditating, tending her organic garden and developing different social projects. Joy’s previous hectic life had helped her learn the importance of cultivating peace and balance between body, mind and spirit. For the last 15 years she has travelled to different parts of the world to study with teachers of various Eastern traditions in which Breath has always been an essential element to relief stress, anxiety, and even chronic pain.

She has direct experiences through various modalities that Breath connects us to a deeper and more subtle level. When we tap into our own life force through our very own Breath we begin to cultivate peace and vitality within ourself. She will be sharing some simple to follow tools that can quickly help us regain balance in a busy and challenging world, by simply using the most precious resource that is available to us 24/7 - Breath.

Joy is a mindfulness teacher (Plum Village tradition), a certified Reiki master and a certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner.

  • Open to people of any level of Breathwork practice from zero experience to well-seasoned

  • Breathing practice can be done sitting or laying down (please bring a towel or mat

  • Max. Capacity: 60 people


Introduction to Japanese Full-Contact Karate

Steve Lee, World Karate Association The Shidokan

Created by Yoshiji Soeno Kancho, the Tiger of Kyokushin Karate, Shidokan Karate is a full-contact karate style that combines karate, kick boxing and grappling to achieve a flexible and hard fighting style. The Shidokan’s main training system is the world-famous Triathlon of Martial Arts system.

The Shidokan endeavors to create a better society through rigorous budo training and strives to maintain the Code of the Samurai (“士道”). Our name, Shidokan, refers to a group that follows the Samurai Way. The training program has been developed and adapted over time to fit students of all ages and abilities. Our training begins and ends with respect, and we do not discriminate against any ethnic group, religion or country of origin. We believe true brotherhood between nations are fostered through personal exchanges through individuals, and the best way to connect to someone is to train together in Shidokan Karate.

  • Suitable for Family with children (age 5+)

  • Maximum Capacity: 80 people


Demonstration of Iaido (居合道) - Japanese Sword Skills

Kevin Wong, Musokan Hong Kong

Musokan Hong Kong is dedicated to the teaching of the ancient martial arts of Iaido (居合道), imparting the necessary skill and technique of using a Japanese sword befitting that of a Samurai.
We also place great emphasis on the training of the mind as well as that of character. Afterall, brute force and violence do not lead to victory nor success.

Musojikiden Eishin Ryu (無双直伝英信流) is one of the oldest remaining school of Koryu Bujutsu (日本古流武術). We teach sword skills (古流劍術) that have been passed down for over 400 years. We also teach the philosophy behind the skill that was once vital to any Samurai. Learn the secrets and history behind one of the most revered warriors in history. 

  • Suitable for everyone including family with children (age 5+) (Demonstration only)

  • Maximum Capacity: 80 people


Five Senses Therapy

Richard Girolami, Silk Bridge

Richard Girolami lives in Hawaii and has attained multiple degrees in kinesiology, anatomy and TCM. He has been working with the human body for more than 20 years and now travels frequently to work with clients at the renowned resorts and clinics in US, Asia and Europe. With gratefulness and respect to his teachers, Richard has combined his diverse experience into the Five Senses Therapy, which blends modern and traditional ideas to create significant change, bring balance and move toward optimum health.

  • Open to people who want to know more about how our physical conditions are reflection of our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Maximum Capacity: 60 people



Healing Vibration of Voice and Sound


HakGwai (Liu Jun Hao) is a musician from Hong Kong who specialises in an array of folk instruments and world music. Naming a few, these include the Australian didgeridoo, handpan, Mongolian throat singing, erhu, horsehead fiddle, asalato and African Djembe drums. 

Inspired by the spirituality of the handpan and the didgeridoo, he discovered a relationship between breathing, music and zen meditation. Combining a background in Zen Buddhism, he designed a form of music zen (音樂禪) which uses modern vernacular, simple games and music appreciation to promote spiritual health. 

He has performed at a number of prestigious venues, like The Hong Kong Film Awards, Australia Day Festival, Hong Hum Stadium Concert and many other music festivals. He has collaborated with many local artists and film maker, including providing the music for Hong Kong movies No. 1 Chung Ying Street (中英街一號) and The Invincible Dragon (九龍不敗). He regularly hosts workshops and performances in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan. Currently, he is a resident artist at the Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity.      

Come experience a different form of performance and let his music move you. 

  • Open to people who are traditional folk musical instruments, overtone singing etc and how these vibrations can enhance our wellbeing.

  • Max. Capacity: 40 people

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Meditation with Tea & Incense

Stephanie Luo, Luxe Nova

Bernard Kwan, Chi Academy

Stephanie and Bernard are the co-curators of Good Life Community. They have been facilitating the monthly Members’ Wellness @ ASHK since January 2018. With the support of S. Alice Mong, Executive Director of ASHK and positive response from the members and their friends, Stephanie and Bernard have invited and teamed up with renown facilitators, practitioners and local Hong Kong business to bring to live, Good Life Community. This is a community of passion and love, sharing their life-long experiences and knowledge about Asian arts, cultures and healthy living lifestyle.

On the day, they will convert the Credit Suisse Room into a special Tea Room, incorporating simple space alignment principles (including, five elements). Each session will take maximum 8 people. Please book your session in advance by Contact Us.

  • Open to people who are curious about how tea and incense are connected with meditation and who want to pick up some simple tips on wellbeing management.

  • Max. Capacity: 8 people per session (5x sessions)

  • Pre-registration would be good.


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