Seasonal Luxe brings to you the luxury products that are of high quality, produced in seasons and in limited quantity. Once sold, the next replenishment will entirely depend on the availability from the producers.

Each product has been selected with intention, care, love and respect. We first take time to experience and understand the products. We then learn more about the producer behind the product - their stories, values, missions and motivations. Sometimes we would meet with the producers directly just to get to know them better and over time, we become business partners and friends.  Our relationship is based on trust, respect and aligned values.  It is the same practice for all the products and brands that we have chosen to represent.

 We hope that you will enjoy these beautiful gifts of life just as much as we have.

With love & light, Team Luxe Nova

Special Chinese New Year Gift Set

CNY Gift Prosperous.jpg

We have created 27 special Chinese Gift Sets to prep you jump start the new year with high vibration and creativity.

Each set is named after an Aura Soma Fragrance Pot and each theme comes with its own message that can help you set your focus. These themes are:

Alchemy | Awakening | Earthing | Clarity | Consciousness | Creativity | Devangelicommunication | Direction | Gentleness | Grace | Hope | Innocence | Journeying | Joyful | Light | Love | Mercy | Peace | Rainbow | Receptivity | Space | Transformation | Transmutation | Travel | Truth| Wisdom

You can either let us pick a box for you or specifically request for the particular theme. All you need is to give us a call at +852 2898 0568 or email us at