Seasonal Luxe brings to you the luxury products that are of high quality, produced in seasons and in limited quantity. Once sold, the next replenishment will entirely depend on the availability from the producers.

Each product has been selected with intention, care, love and respect. We first take time to experience and understand the products. We then learn more about the producer behind the product - their stories, values, missions and motivations. Sometimes we would meet with the producers directly just to get to know them better and over time, we become business partners and friends.  Our relationship is based on trust, respect and aligned values.  It is the same practice for all the products and brands that we have chosen to represent.

 We hope that you will enjoy these beautiful gifts of life just as much as we have.

With love & light, Team Luxe Nova

What is "IN" right now?

In this season, we have brought in:

  • Premium organic extra virgin olive oil - Early Harvest in November 2015 - from Lesvos, Greece
  • Rock Rose Incense
  • Inula Ointment
  • Spices & Love (organic)
  • Tumeric Powder (organic)

To order, please contact us at or +852 2898 0568.

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Early Harvest (Nov 2015)(500ml) HK$260

This organic olive oil is a product of collaboration by the active olive oil producers of Gera Bay on Lesvos Island, organised in the Social Cooperative Enterprise Modousa and the Non Profit Orgnisation (NPO) Syn Tois Allois.  These people have been trying to preserve and develop the unique olive groves in Gera, while at the same time striving for a fair product price. This allows the producers to continue committing to the production of an organic olive oil of unsurpassed quality and exceptional characteristics.

The olive oil of Lesvos is characterised by rich, fruity aromas, a mild and sweet aftertaste. It is in golden yellow colour. It owes its unique flavour to the hundreds of herbs native to their olive groves, its light and gentle 'feel' to the mount to the high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids in its content, and its bright golden colour to the low content in chlorophyll, which allows for optimum storage for longer period of time. 

The special properties as the “olive oil of Lesvos” have been officially recognized by the European Union and registered as a product with "protected geographical indication" (PGI).  It has been tested and examined in the laboratory.  

The reports show that: 

  • The composition of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lesvos is divided in macro components (~ 99%) and micro-components (~ 1%).
  • The acidity of the extra virgin olive oil is less than 0.8.
  • The number of Hyper oxides is less than 20.
  • The organoleptic degree is between 5.5 and 9.
  • In all tests, no any higher limits on residues of plant protection chemicals has been identified in a sample of olive oil from Lesvos. 

Produce of Greece

Rock Rose Incense

20g, HK$220

In ancient Egypt, Crete’s Cistus (also known as ‘Rock Rose’) was one of the key ingredients used for mummification. It is partly due to its sweet, sexy, leathery and woody smell, which blends perfectly with its surroundings. Legend has it that the flail held by the Pharaohs or Osiris was the tool used to collect these resins.

Only the resins collected from the Cistus trees that have been exposed to the fierce sun light throughout the dry summer can produce such an intense scent.  So, this batch of incense is more than precious!  It is limited in quantity as the harvest of the right quality of Cistus resins is entirely dependent on the weather.

Main ingredients: Cistus resins, natural binding agent (Keep the incense in the dark and dry area and it can be kept for a long time.)

When to use this incense?

  • Relaxation – It helps to calm the nervous system and release the tension. It is good to burn it in the evening to off load and re-energise.
  • Purification – It can help to purify a space when the energy is cloudy.
  • Clarification – It complements well with meditation.  Burning it at the same time can enhance clarity.
  • Higher Self Connection – Regular use while meditation can deepen your connection with the unconscious mind as well as raise your higher consciousness.
  • Positive Initiation – To get some inspiration, kick off a new project or simply at the start of the day, burning this incense can bring in the positive energy to support you.

Made in Taiwan

Inula Ointment

15g (±5%) HK$199

In this ointment, Inula viscosa is the key ingredient, a sturdy perennial shrub that grows in the wild around the Mediterranean basin. It is an aromatic plant that disperses a smell of camphor. The leaves and stems of the plant are coated with a sticky resin secreted from glandular hairs growing on the surface of the leaves.

In the Mediterranean, Inula viscosa is hailed as the king of medicinal plans and can alleviate or cure various ailments. It has been documented that the drink “Raesen”, made from Inula viscosa and added to honey, was the “drink of the kings”. It was effective in alleviating rheumatism, colds, and even acted as an aphrodisiac.

As it is potent in anti inflammatory and anti oxidants properties, it improves skin blood flow and attribute to rejuvenate the skin.

Note: The key ingredients of Inula Ointment are inula viscosa (green) and shea butter (white). When they are combined, the end product looks like grey green. It is not a result of oxidation.   

Main Ingredients: Inula viscosa resins, shea butter, lavender essential oil and Jojoba oil.

When to use this ointment?

  • Relaxation – with all natural ingredient, it can be applied behind your ears, temples, forehead (around third eye) and the heart chakra area to enhance relaxation.
  • Respiratory system – rub the ointment around the chest, neck and nostril to enhance immune system.
  • Hands – apply the ointment on the hands or around the nail cuticles.

Made in Taiwan

Spices & Love

35g, HK$80

Let yourself be tempted by our fine blend of spices to warm the senses while gently tuning in…

Ideal to mix in fruit juices, smoothies and cocktails.

Ingredients: ginger, cumin, nutmeg, vanilla, chilli, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves

Blended in France


Turmeric Powder

90g, HK$90

Sometimes called "Indian saffron," turmeric is a rhizome, a cousin of ginger, dried and powdered. Very dye, turmeric will brighten up with its sweet flavour your spice blends, or starchy vegetables.

The variety chosen for our Turmeric is the richest in antioxidant properties to curcumin, aromatic and dye. Turmeric powder of Terra Madre, fair trade, comes from associations of small producers in India and Sri Lanka.

Tint your dishes or your textile a beautiful golden yellow colour!

Blended in France.