At Luxe Nova, our motto is “We Love, We Care, We Share”.  We love the organic teas from Les Jardins de Gaia.  And we care enough and therefore, we share and spread the joy of being able to drink high quality teas that are satisfying to our picky palates and beneficial to our health. With this passion, we are proud to introduce our new Tea Mail Service.


Tea Mail is a service providing you with your monthly supply of high quality organic teas from Les Jardins de Gaia. It is affordable financially – for as little as HKD 5 per cup, you get high quality organic teas. When was the last time that you had a nice cup of tea at this price?


We recommend that you start with one of the Trial Sets: (i) Tea Taster and (ii) Tea Drinker.  The content for the trial sets is fixed.

If you feel confident and want to sign up for the subscription, all you need to do is to contact us directly.  We will take a survey of your personal preferences on teas (e.g. black, green or blue tea, herbal flavour, caffeine tolerance etc). The content of the teas for each month will be created based on your preferences.


Tea Mail is an ideal gift for your family and friends for all           seasons and reasons!

All you need to do is to contact us at or           +852 2898 0568.



The organic certification and the taste quality of the tea are two different matters. With the high quality control protocol of Les Jardins de Gaia, we are proud to offer a broad range of teas – from single estate to blend teas and to flavoured teas – with the confidence of knowing that you will be wowed by the tasted and benefit from its nutrients.

Sustainable packaging

We do our best to minimize the amount of waste from Tea Mail. Through the packaging of Tea Mail, we ensure that we can reduce, reuse and recycle all the materials used.

Trading with strong values and principles

We like how Les Jardins de Gaia operate its business and appreciate what they have contributed to all the related communities. We resonate with their values and principles and are compelled by their authenticity. 

To learn more about Les Jardins de Gaia, please visit:

Here are some video clips about the Tea Mail...follow us on Vimeo.

What are you in the mood for? 

Tea Mail has arrived....Drink Tea, Stay Calm, Be Healthy and Happy!

Eco-packaing of Tea Mail - reusable & recyclable!

Tea can remove worry as well as thirst!

A cheeky little teaser about Tea Mail!